Top SEO Report from Google Analytics to Improve Organic Traffic

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 Top SEO Report from Google Analytics to Improve Organic Traffic

While learning the SEO, many times students at eMarket Education ask for the best SEO reports to improve the organic traffic on which they have to focus. By focusing on these SEO Reports they can improve their website’s performance on SERP (Search engines ranking pages). Although there are many reports which needed to be focused but below are the best SEO Reports which can help to improve the SEO performance:

By focusing on these SEO Reports they can improve their website’s performance.

1. Search Query Report:

how to improve organic traffic with Google Analytics


Search Query report helps to find out the best keywords on which your website is coming on major SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Through Search Query report you can understand the relative terms which users are searching and the relation of those search queries to your website. This will guide you to target the right keywords on your website while optimization to improve the SEO performance.

For example, eMarket Education, a digital marketing training institute who are providing courses for digital marketing, SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, etc. So they will target those keywords which can create more engagement by referring to this report they can analyze which keywords are getting the good click, impressions, and their position in search engines. So they can target those keywords which can create more engagement on their website. So the Search Query report helps them to improve Search Engine Ranking.

2. Landing Pages Report

best Google analytical report

Landing Page report gives you the lists of the URLs from your website which is coming on the SERP. Through this report you can analyze the Url’s performance in the SERP in terms of clicks, impression, CTR, etc. and you can also analyze the user’s response with those pages through bounce rate, avg session duration, etc. which can help you to optimize your website.

For example, your website’s pages are coming in SERP on top position but it is not helpful to engage people such as Users not staying on your website or it has higher bounce rate, that might be your website’s content is not relevant to the user’s expectations or they might be not comfortable with the website structure so you can make the right decisions to improve the organic traffic. Always keep in mind that each and every URL plays a very significant role in effecting the right audience.

3. Countries Report

Website traffic improvement with Google Analytics

Through Country report, you can analyze how your website is performing at country wise. For Example, you want to target multiple countries so this report will help you to analyze your website performance in different locations or countries while helping you to analyze in which country your website is performing good or bad.

For example, suppose you want to target India, Bangladesh, UK, and US countries so this report will help you to analyze in which country your website is performing good or bad. In which country your website has good search performance but if it is not able to engage user then you can develop a language-specific version of your site for those countries. Follow step one by one and improve the website’s organic performance.

4. Devices report

seo report google analytics

Device report helps you to analyze which device such as desktop, mobile, and tablet, your website is getting a good user experience or response.

For example, you are analyzing that your website experiencing good search performance in the specific device; let say on mobile but if it is not able to create engagement on the tablet, so you can make the changes accordingly to increase the traffic on your website.

5. Content Report


Site content tab analytics seo report

Content Report also plays a very vital role in Digital Marketing Performance.

8% of marketers plan to add Medium to their marketing efforts in the next 12 months. (HubSpot, 2017) (Source:

47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report, 2016) (Source:

96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders. (Demand Gen Report, 2016) (Source:

This report will help you to analyze the content of your website and also help you to strategies the Plan of action for the future. Through this report, you can evaluate the current top-performing content and scope of improvement through which you can target the right audience and can achieve the marketing goals and objectives.

6. Site Speed Report


Site speed tab of Google analytics

As every Digital Marketing professional knows that website speed plays a very important role in the top ranking factors on major search engine ranking. So this report will help you to analyze the speed of your website to improve the search engine ranking.

In Site Speed, the website page timings report is quite essential to analyze because this report will guide you to the loading speed of your website.

Speed Suggestions tab will advise you where you can optimize the website to increase the loading speed of the pages.

7. Sources > All Traffic > Medium

All traffic reports will help you to analyze the medium through which the website is getting traffic. The traffic on your website through ad campaigns, search engines, social networks, and other sources comes under this. Through this report, you can analyze the company’s top marketing priorities for the coming time.

8. Technology

Technology tab of google analytics


A technology report is quite a very important report for analyzing your website’s performance. It will help you to answer the following questions in your mind while doing the audit:

All answers to the above questions will help you to analyze your website to improve SEO performance and these points can help you to perform much better in online marketing.


An SEO website audit is very important to analyze your website’s performance and this will also help you to know the future prospects for your website. Through SEO Report from Google Analytics, you can analyze the scope, where your website needs to be optimized, where you can do better, and also where you are lacking. So don’t waste your time and start your website auditing! Regular analysis of your website will help you to perform better in Online Marketing.

As similarly while doing PPC you should focus on some PPC reports performing your campaign more effectively. Learn SEO Course Training to build your career as a Search Engine Optimization specialist.

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10 Tips to Choose Best SEO Training Institute in Bangalore

Posted on August 24, 2017 by Emarkt_Admin

Best SEO Institute in Bangalore

SEO is a must have Digital marketing technique for any business who wants to run their business online. Wait for a second, let me just reframe that sentence; “SEO is a must have Digital Marketing technique whoever wants to show their website’s presence in Search engine results”. SEO is completely free, you don’t have to pay anything to Google. All you need to do is give the best of the content on website and index in Google.

But do you think it is so easy as it sounds?

NO, There are some rules and regulations set by Google so that all of the websites are following it and showing good & right content to the audience. In case if you are not following these rules, you will get penalized for the mistakes.

Digital Marketing has become the buzzword and there are the plenty of career opportunities that you can explore. If you are so keen on making an exciting career in Digital Marketing field and want to learn the most demanding SEO skills and techniques then choose the best SEO training institute. Search Engine Optimization is one of the linchpins of Digital Marketing, so enrolling into SEO certification course will be very helpful. Now that you have chosen to take up the SEO training course, you will obviously be opting for one of the best SEO trainer details.

There are many training institutes specializing in the Digital Marketing tutorials but it’s quite confusing to choose one. Some may take suggestions from their professors or friends while others get easily carried away by the other institutes which make false promises of 100% job assistance. Before you get mislead in choosing a good institute, go through the guidelines below that will help you in finding the top SEO Training Institutes. So here are some of that factors which you should consider before choosing an institute for the SEO training.

1.Expert SEO Trainers in Institute:  

Search for institutes having qualified professionals with good experience in SEO because they will be more aware of the trends and opportunities and can help you in achieving your objectives. You can ask your friends or check the faculties profile on LinkedIn or other social media sites. The best way to know more about the person is to go and have a talk with him and know the details of the training program.

SEO experts in Bangalore


2: Updated SEO Syllabus:


Look out for the course outline whether it’s aligning with your career objective or not. Go through the SEO training details and check if the recent updates or skills are being taught or not. Ask the expertise to guide you as per your business or career objectives. Maybe to kick-start your career in SEO, optimize your own website, to upgrade your skills or to start your own digital marketing company.

Check with students do they covering updated SEO syllabus



3: Do They Give One to One Attention :

Look for an Institute who really cares for the career of the students and not business oriented. There are few institutes who go for minimum students batch which help the student to easily interact with the faculty and even the faculty can effectively track the performance of the students with a 1-1 attention formula.

Best seo class


4: Compare with Other SEO Teaching Institutes:


Instead of jumping on to a hasty decision, it’s always better to do an analysis. Do a background search of the institute, how old it is, how many students are opting for the institute, are the faculties good enough. Search for the others institutes who are providing the same course and compare on certain important factors.

choose best seo teaching institute


5: SEO Tutorials Fees:

Look for an institute whose course fee is not outrageous. There are many free resources and SEO tutorials available online that you can always refer to. However, if you are a newbie and want an initial guidance then taking up the SEO training will be beneficial.

Value form money with Search engine optimization training

6: SEO Live Projects: 

SEO is more of practical which needs to be practiced more often and be updated with the latest SEO techniques including Social Media for SEO & Mobile SEO. Hence this factor becomes very important while considering the SEO training course. From the beginning of the course itself, you should learn SEO techniques and implement it. This will be an added advantage when you mention in an interview that you have hands-on experience on SEO tools & techniques.

Availability of SEO Live project


7: SEO Jobs, Internship & Freelancing: 

If you are looking for a job or a job change, look out for those institutes who can refer or guide you in getting placed, be it a full-time job or an internship. Choosing a good organization becomes vital because you will land to a place where you can learn and grow. And some of the good Digital Marketing Training Institutes provide full assistance in job searching.

SEO Jobs and internships


8: SEO Certification:


Check for institutes providing Google SEO Certification training, as companies prefer candidates who are certified while hiring. Being a certified professional, your profile gets highlighted and recruiters may shortlist you for the job.

Get SEO certification


9: SEO Classes Flexibility:

As per your convenience, opt for full time or weekend classes. There are many institutes that are flexible in terms of timings. If a student wants to come and practice in the institute, then he can come and also clarify his/her doubts. And in case, if a student misses a lecture then he can ask for backup classes.

Flexible class hours for SEO training


10SEO Institute Infrastructure:

Visit the Institute once and see if that place is convenient for you to travel. Check for the infrastructure of the Institute whether the classes are well equipped with the necessities like good Wi-Fi connection.

Google SEO Training in Bangalore 

Constantly Updated Standards & Advanced Course

 Find Out More 

Instead of assuming things on your own, always be practical in your approach. Take suggestions from your close ones, do a bit of background research and talk to people about SEO Institute. Checklist the important factors that are mentioned above and enroll for the best SEO training course.

Hope this article helps you in deciding the best training institute to kick start your career in SEO & subsequently in Digital Marketing.

The Bottom Line:

The goal of an SEO course training is for the student to gain the necessary skills to be able to create appropriate SEO strategies and SEO campaigns that are suitable for a website or product. To achieve this goal one must choose the right training institution to get a course from. Select the one that has the years of experience and with thousands of successful campaigns under their belt.

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