The Ultimate Guide to SnapChat in Marketing

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What exactly is Snapchat and why is it so popular?

Snapchat as per definition is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive “self-destructing” videos and pictures. It’s a fun app, which allows you to take pictures and videos and send it to your friends which can be viewed for 10 seconds before it just disappears. You can also add captions or doodles or filter/lens over top, before sending it. The major target audience comprises of teenagers and adults. It sure is seen as a better platform to interact with a group.

A story can be framed and broadcasted to followers or the recipients, who can view the content unlimited times in 24hours, which eventually disappear forever, they say. What makes it so special is the emotional touch it gives the display of pictures making it very personal. Texting an apology note is not as powerful a tool as sending a video with the same message.

Apart from that, there are geo-filters that capture the place you are in and project it in a snap with creative overlays, now opening up a new business and spreading a word across is much more exciting and fun rather than opting for the traditional means of advertisement. No tool is more powerful than Social Media today, and Snapchat sure is picking up momentum and spreads the news like wildfire. The basic funda of Snapchat is “Be engaged in the Moment”, enjoy while it lasts!

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Benefits of Snapchat for Business in Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Snapchat for Business in Social Media Marketing

There are enormous benefits to Snapchat. Listed below are just a few of them:

Snapchat is about living in the moment, breathing in your experience, unlike YouTube or Facebook where an unwanted ad keeps repeating over and over again making it very bothersome.

  1. Snapchat helps you vlog with minimal effort without significant editing. It’s raw, relatively easy, you vlog and moves on
  2. It makes Social Media analytics easier, it gives u a better understanding of who is getting engaged with your content, it shows you every single person who is engaged in your snaps giving you the exact picture of the people getting involved in the content you created. The more engaged your audience is, the better it is for your business

Snapchat gives us the width to engage on a deeper level of Social Media.

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  1. Optimized for mobile users and get 9 times completion rate compared to horizontal videos making it more accessible and user-friendly which helps your business to reach different types of the audience at a faster pace

How Snapchat Revolutionized Social Media


how does snapchat works

Snapchat helps you live the moment. The stories do not repeat over and over again, rather it just disappears and remains in your memory and a new story appears making it more unique leaving the audience thirsty for more.

Snapchat Statistics: From the latest report, it has been found that:

Snapchat Demographics

Snapchat Financials

Snapchat Fun Facts

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  Note: The data are taken from There are more than 10 billion daily active Snapchatters and the number is still growing when compared to it, YouTube gets only 3 billion views a day

Casey Neistat’s Snapchat Case Study

A popular filmmaker, who dedicates his time to make in-depth movies for YouTube, uses Snapchat to get up close with his fans, by documenting his every life on Snapchat, once the story is completed he compiles them all and posts it on YouTube which can be viewed by everyone when every they want. His fans, in particular, get a closer insight into his personal life, which they obviously like, and wait for the next clip. Not only that, once they get a glimpse of his personal life it is but obvious that they try to follow him on other platforms as well. All this helps his business does exceptionally well. The unplanned approach of storytelling without makeup or edits makes the snaps seem very personal and intimate and publishing short videos and stories every day makes your business very attractive and also can get a good following which is definitely great for any business.

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