7 Types of Google AdWords Certifications

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Types of Google Ads Certification Course

Google Adwords Certification is one certificate that you need to have if you’re really looking to gain some knowledge in PPC subject. As a beginner who is aspiring to have a bright career in the Google AdWords field, you should know the significance of understanding Google’s Ads policy and management process.

Now, Why to get certified? Certificates are normally provided from a group to the people who have shown their proven talent or proficiency in a subject. By getting the certification in the desired subject, you set yourself as an expert in that subject.

Let us talk about Google Adwords Certificate which is now known as Google Ads Certificate. When Google started the certification program, it was known as Google Advertising professionals. Then in 2010 Google changed that name to Google Adwords Certification and now in 2019, it is known as Google Ads Certification.


In this article, I am going to discuss –


How to get Google Adwords certified?

You need to login to Google academy for ads for writing Google AdWords certification exams. It is another wonderful product from Google where you can simply log in and Learn PPC and different campaigns that you can run on Google’s platforms.

Academy for Ads is a training program center by Google online where you can develop your skills in Google ads. Google hasn’t set any criteria for attending the Google ads course or for writing the Google Adwords certification exams. Anyone who wants to or handles the Google ads tool to run ads on Google search engine and on its partner’s sites can access the academy.

So the first and the most important point is that anyone can do the Google Adwords Certification program.

To get a Google Adwords Certification, you have to pass the Fundamentals exam and also one among other specialization exams available in Google Ads.

Types of Google Ads Certifications in Google Academy for Ads

Every business will be having different online marketing requirements and Google has options that will meet those requirements. Google has a variety of campaign networks in Google Ads for advertisers to run a campaign on the search engine, and on Google’s partner websites. You can run campaigns in different ad formats, like text, image, gifs, and video.


We have different types of Google AdWords certifications based on the above requirements. They are;

  1. Google Ads Fundamentals

  2. Google Ads Search Certification

  3. Google Ads Display Certification

  4. Google Ads Mobile Certification

  5. Shopping ads Certification

  6. Google Ads Video Certification

  7. Digital Sales Certification

Google Ads Fundamentals

Google Ads Fundamentals

Google Ads Fundamentals exam is covering the fundamental idea and standard theories of digital marketing and ads on Google. It includes the advantages of online advertisements, different strategies and ways to manage and optimize the Google Ads campaigns. You may feel like advertising your product and services will be complicated. But Google Ads makes it so simple. You can learn the basics of the campaign set up and settings which is appropriate for you.

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads Search Certification

  Google Ads Search Certification exam covers all the questions related to the search network campaign on Google. By learning this, you will get to know how you can create the ads which will appear on Google search results and on those sites which are associated with Google. When people type a keyword and that search term triggered for your targeted keyword, you will be able to show your ads on top results.

Well, that is a very small and laments explanation, but if you really want to exhibit that, you are a specialist in running search network ads, then you need to write and pass this Google Ads certification.

Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads display certification will cover all the questions related to the display network campaigns. Display campaigns will enable businesses to target audience when they are browsing online websites, YouTube videos, Gmail account or using applications.

Google Ads Mobile Certification

Google Ads Mobile Certification


• There will be a total number of 70 questions

• You will get 90 minutes to write the exam

• You need to score 80% to pass the exam

You all know that usage of the smartphone is increasing day by day. The smartphone is easy to use and people prefer to use it most of the time. As a result of this, Google has designed ads in a way that advertisers can target their potential audience only on the mobile device. And you can select which brand of mobile users and which network users you want to target.

ie, if you only want to target iPhone users – yes, an option is there for you to target them. If you only want to show your ads to Airtel subscribers – Yes, You can!

So in this Google Ads mobile certification exam, you will find out all those important questions that are related to fundamental and standard theories of mobile advertising.

Google Shopping ads Certification Google Shopping Ads Certification


• There will be a total number of 63 questions

• You will get 90 minutes to write the exam

• You need to score 80% to pass the exam


How many of you have noticed an increase in the number of e-commerce companies in India?

The Internet penetration rate is so high in India and that is making businesses think about e-commerce. Earlier people hesitate to buy products and services from the internet, but gradually that changed. Now people started to buy things online as they offer the best price, save time, easy ordering, free home deliveries, cash on deliveries, etc.

As more and more businesses are emerging in e-commerce, Google has started a campaign network called Shopping Ads.

Here, when a user types business keywords of e-commerce in the Google search engine, they will be able to see the ads on the top of the page result with a mix of image and text which tells the product name & price.

In the Google Shopping ads certification exam, you will be facing questions related to shopping ads, merchant account centers, data feed, how to set up shopping ads, best practices, optimization ways, etc.

Google Ads Video Certification

Google Ads Video Certification

Video Ads campaign allows advertisers to promote their business on YouTube and on websites which is part of the Google video network. Your ads will be shown on YouTube search results.

Video ads are so strong in 2019 and it is very cost-effective. A message conveyed through a video stays in the audience’s mind much deeper than any other way. In Google Ads Video certification you will get questions related to video campaign creation, best methods, checklists, what to do and what not to do, etc.

Digital Sales Certification by Google

Google Ads Digital Sales Certification

Now, this is a new addition to the tally. Google has launched this recently and it is a very easy certification exam which helps you to cover all the basic concepts of digital marketing and skills that you required in sales. So that is it guys, you know now, what are the different Google ads Certifications that are available in Google Academy.


All the above 7 types are part of the Google Ads Certification Program, and any individual who takes up the PPC Google AdWords as a career or prefer to do the training course in the same, have to prepare & pass this Google Ads Certification to confidently manage the AdWords account while having the fundamental & concept strong to implement best strategies. If you are curious to know, How to get Google AdWords certification, do refer eMarket Education PPC Course syllabus and other details.

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