Social Media Marketing career

How to Start a Career in Social Media Marketing?

Note: It’s true that Social Media in recent years has been playing a very essential role in the digital marketing industry. We cannot ignore the fact that the advantages of social media are not only for students but for anyone who can literally utilize it efficiently. Through the years, the social media marketing (SMM) industry has seen a drastic amount of changes related to updates and the introduction of new features.

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internet penetration in India

The Power of Internet: Internet Penetration in India

Number of Internet Users in India 2024 The number of internet users in India is 692 million as of 2022. Which is twice the population of the United States. According to the data by major Global Data and Business Intelligence platform Statista , the number of Indian internet users saw 52% growth in 2024. The growth of the internet in India brought a new change in today’s era. Businesses and

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10 Things to Expertise in PPC Course for 100% Job Placement

Expertise PPC Google Ads Pay Per Click also known as Cost Per Click was introduced in 2002. Until then, advertisements were charged at CPM i.e. Cost-Per-Thousand impressions or Cost-Per-Mile. PPC is commonly associated with first-tier search engines (such as  Google Ads and Bing Ads). With the help of Search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. When you are involved in online marketing, make sure

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Sanjay’s Journey from Sales to Digital Marketing

From Sales Marketing to Digital Marketing Journey Hi, this is Sanjay, I am an MBA professional, and just like every other MBA students getting the best job with a handsome package was my goal, After I got placed from my college in one-of-the education organizations, I joined without any concern and it was in sales, which has never been a problem for me; I was happy to work with it.

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Advantages of Social Media for Students

Benefits of Social Media for Students Social Media Marketing is a collection of websites and applications that enable communicators i.e., the users to generate and share content, interact with users, collect information from social networking websites. Click, to know more about the “Social Media Marketing Syllabus”   Today the Internet is the gateway to limitless information about future, past, and present. It is that podium where information is poured out

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Required Skills in SMM apart from Subject Knowledge?

Social Media Marketing Skills Social Media skills, one-of-the-prime questions that every social media marketer should be aware of while learning or gaining Social Media because knowledge lonely can’t fulfill the objectives. One should also learn the various skills associated with Social Media in order to work smartly and also consume time during work implementation. So find below the list of Social Media skillsets that one should acquire; Knowledge of Photo

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Hidden SEO Skills To Become SEO Expert

Top SEO Skills & Abilities Do you know what SEO skills are required to become an expert in SEO industry? Apart from being good in SEO On-page, Technical SEO, Website Development and coding, what else matters in SEO to become a pro? Individuals, either starting their career or in mid-journey of SEO must know that, the subject knowledge is just one part of learning. While in reality there are many

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Facebook Blueprint certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam and Cost Guide

Become a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional To begin on a true note, it’s a fact that not every digital marketer is 100% aware of the “Facebook Blueprint” and the certification program associated with it. If you are an aspiring Facebook advertiser, looking forward to accomplishing your career goals then you should bag this certificate. So let’s dive in and check out the whole anatomy of Facebook Blueprint Certification. What is

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Career in Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing Career Digital Marketing is the science of spreading your voice and showing your brand across the web with constant interaction with your prospecting clients and existing clients in online media. For best performance in digital marketing, the most effective digital marketing channels are such: Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click Google Ads Social Media Marketing Image and Video Marketing Affiliate Marketing Digital Marketing Eligibility Criteria: No,

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Google Ads Certification

7 Types of Google Ads Certifications

Google AdWords Certification Google Certification is one certificate that you need to have if you’re really looking to gain some knowledge in PPC subjects. As a beginner who is aspiring to start a career PPC Training in Bangalore in the Google AdWords field, you should know the significance of understanding Google’s Ads policy and management process. Now, Why get Google certified? Certificates are normally provided from a group to the

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