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    45 Days
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    Course Syllabus

    We provide best Google Tag Manager advanced training.
    1. Learn & Understand and Use Google Tag Manager | (2 Hours)
    2. Learn to deploy various tags and track them in Google Analytics | (6 Hours)
    3. Learn to use Data Layer to track certain actions | (12 Hours)
    4. Learn to deploy Facebook pixel via Google Tag Manager | (4 Hours)
    5. Import and Export Tags from one account to other | (4 Hours)

    GTM at eMarketEdu

    We provide online GTM course for Beginners.

    If you’re looking to improve your website’s analytics and tracking, eMarket Education is offering Best Google Tag Manager Training for you.

    Our online Google Tag Manager Course is one of the best in Bangalore, and it covers all the important concepts of Google Tag Manager, from setting up and configuring your container to implementing and troubleshooting tags. With this training, you will be able to measure the success of your website with accuracy and confidence.

    Enroll today and start mastering the powerful tool of Google Tag Manager.

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    Google Tag Manager Training Course Overview

    Detailed Topics of Google Tag Manger Syllabus

    • Track User Activity (Time & Scroll), Internal Link Click, Outbound Link Click, PDF Download, YouTube Video Views, Main Menu usage etc.
    • Track Website Calls from Phone Number Clicks
    • Send additional Information like Client ID, Session ID, User ID, GCLID, UTM Parameters to Google Analytics by Form Submissions.
    • Track the Keyword Path, Landing Page Path CTA Journey of the user in his journey to purchase.
    • Serve Popup after 'X' days of User Visit.
    • Track the Initial and Last Sources (Referrer, Direct, UTM’s) the user came from
    • Track unique Visit Counts, Page View Count of the user.
    • Track the First Landing Page of the user.
    • Track Lifetime value of the customer.
    • Track High cart values purchases and offer them relevant offers
    • Track User Conversion Time from First Day Visit.
    • Track New vs Returning visitors.
    • Track Internal Site Search and missed Site Search Terms
    • Track how much time a user took from the First Visit till purchase.
    • Track Blog Read, Share, Comment.
    • Track number of Blogs read, and Last Blog viewed by a visitor before converting.
    • Track and differentiate a normal visitor vs a Paid visitor.
    • Storing the High value cart purchases to cookies and offer them relevant offers.
    • Track Form Field Data, Errors, and Submission Time of a user.
    • Track 404 Error Pages
    • Track Number of Product added to the Cart and then add visitors to their respective remarketing bucket
    • Track Number of PDF downloaded and then add visitors to their respective remarketing bucket.
    • Thank you Page event tracking, by avoiding duplicate transaction.
    • Social Share Click / Social Exit Tracking
    • Classify Users into Low, Medium, and High Value Customer
    • Fix Ecommerce Duplicate Transactions
    • Enhanced Ecommerce Event Tracking
    • Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Google Remarketing Tag with GTM
    • Cross-Domain Tracking
    • Facebook Pixel & Custom Events Integration
    • Pinterest, Snapchat Pixel & Custom Events Integration

    Is GTM for Free?

    Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management solutions for free while helping in your website pagespeed and multiple tracking option for your digital marketing purpose

    Is Google Tag Manager difficult to learn?

    GTM is easy to learn provided you have the fundamental understanding of Google Analytics

    Do you need to know coding to manage GTM implementation?

    GTM does not need any particular skills or web development

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