Digital Marketing Course

15 Weeks | 40 Modules
Weekdays Batch Only

Google Ads Course + SMM

60 Days | 3 Certifications 
Weekdays Batch Only

SEO Course (Web Dev + SMM)

6 Weeks | 1 Certification
Weekdays Batch Only

Amazon Marketing Course

30 Days | 1 Certification
Batch: Weekend Only

Google Tag Manager Course

45 Days | 1 Certification
Weekdays Evening Batch

Adobe Analytics Course (With Adobe Launch)

12 Hours | 5 Modules
Batch: Weekend Only

Google Digital Marketing Course Value in 2024

The world has already started moving ahead from traditional to Digital Business, day by day all the businesses are migrating to Digital Advertisement. In this Digital era, it is not enough only with getting a Digital Marketing Skill, Digital Marketers need to up skill with certifications that can be value added to their profile. Digital Marketing Certification program will be a value added to your profile and you can be a skill tag professional in the Digital marketing field. The certification will be the main key to get job opportunities and you can raise the salary package as well.

Digital Marketing Skills to Enhance

Digital Marketing is an already prominent field and it’s transforming into the next level. You can gain knowledge by enrolling with the Digital Marketing Certification program, will help to start your career and you can interestingly explore more on the Digital Marketing field.The Digital Marketing field is not like implementing a formula, you should be interesting and keep on exploring the skills day by day. The more skills you acquire the more you will be quickly moving up the ladder of the Digital Marketing field into the next level.

Online Marketing Course FAQs

Digital Marketing Overview: Top Digital Marketing Channels

If asked to go sequentially, then it would be;
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • SMM
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • With Google Web Analytics

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners

Whether you are from Science or Com or Arts background, Digital Marketing training can be opted by any student irrespective to his /her educational background. Getting a job opportunity is the biggest challenge nowadays, but you can easily clear this hurdle, if you plan to start a career in digital marketing.

You may have a question, HOW?

Every business need a marketing team, in this busy world, people don’t have time to spend at least 3 minutes to talk to a marketer.

Let's take a live example, while you walking in a shopping mall or on roads, many marketers approach you to explain about their products, do we give any time to them, mostly not. Why? Because we may not have the intention to buy the product at that particular moment or we are  in a hurry to catch some other work.

• Traditional marketing is a process of approaching people without knowing their interest; sales percentage is very less in this process.

• India is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets worldwide, with millions of new internet users taking advantage of cheap internet resources. People mostly prefer online shopping rather than going to a shop.

• Every business is jumping to the online world, establishing their business websites to provide services. From a local grocery store to the biggest firms in the world, are doing business at the online platform.

• There is a huge shortage of digital marketing professionals, business firms are deliberately seeking for digital marketers.

• Year -on- year demand is increasing for this digital marketing profession.

• If you have a strong digital marketing skill and expertise, you can hold talks of the salary matter and avail the best package.

• The salaries have been rising over the past few years. SEO, SMO, PPC, and several other job profiles have witnessed a hike in their salaries.

• One more advantage of digital marketing is you can plan to start a business of your own. You can work as a freelancer.

• Most of the students are earning their pocket money by working as a freelancer.

• By the time you come out of the college, you can get a easy job with help of this digital marketing certification

• If you have an idea of establishing a startup, digital marketing knowledge helps to promote your brand without hiring an employee.

Just opt for a digital marketing course; the duration is hardly 3 months. By the time colleges reopen you can start your earnings, no need to look for your dads pocket for your pocket money.

Surely learning digital marketing training benefits for students.

Google Marketing Course for MBA

More than one-fourth of the world’s population uses the internet and this number is growing at a rapid rate. People have become smarter than ever, they are accomplishing multiple tasks with the help of digital devices. Businesses are moving to online platforms to utilize this rapid internet usage MBA degree has not remained enough to get a job! The market has changed a lot in the last few year, but our MBA course curriculum hasn’t changed much, there lies a gap between industry-relevant skills and education. A survey conducted by ASSOCHAM out the results, they mention that 93% of MBA graduates are unemployed.
  • Digital Marketing skills will become mandatory for every marketing graduate in coming days. By knowing the demand for digital marketing in the present market, a few MBA Schools have already started incorporating Digital Marketing in their syllabus.
  • Most of the colleges’ which have incorporated digital marketing course in the curriculum were not having digital marketing professionals in their faculty bench. Most of the industry professionals are adjoining with private institutions to give classes on their convenient timings.
“The price of a commodity is determined by the interaction of supply and demand in the Market”
  • The salary scale is rising in a rocket phase year on year when compared with other professional jobs. Right now there is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals but the supply is very less.
  • The time period to get digital marketing certificate is very less and it helps to stand out of the ordinary line in an interview. Companies hire people who can help them to develop their business, increase their leads, sales and profits. Digital Marketing is the best certification courses after MBA marketing
  • Earning a professional certificate shows your capability. In addition, a professional certificate establishes that you have demonstrated certain knowledge and skills – an advantage over those who simply claim to have them.
  • Digital Marketing certificate adds weight to your CV/Resume
  • Learning Digital Marketing is far more affordable than any other professional courses.
Look another side of the wall, how the world is changing, wrap the opportunity. Start Career in Digital Marketing after MBA.

Online Marketing Course for B.Tech Engineers

Digital Marketing after Engineering? More and More engineering graduates are preferring digital marketing as a career nowadays, because they have acquired logical thinking and critical analysis skills along with decision making skills. Students completing engineering and then switching their profession to another field are increasing in numbers. From 2000 to 2012, there was a general trend to do engineering and go for MCA or MBA. Now it is like done with Engineering – MCA - MBA – and you can choose other career programs, and one being the Digital Marketing. As per a survey on “Why Digital marketing for Engineers” topic and the results were really interesting. Some said, after 12th they had not decided anything or did not really know what to do. So parents suggested to go for Engineering and they went ahead with this career. After the 1st or 2nd engineering semester only, did they realize that it was not their cup of tea and hence they wanted a change in the profession? Factors that could have inspired Engineers about Digital marketing? Why Digital marketing for engineers?
  • Salary might be one of the main reason to choose Digital marketing for engineers.
  • Digital marketing is booming and the demand for professionally trained digital marketers are well in demand.
  • The nature of job is very creative, fun & intellectual: Digital marketing is all about creating your own ideas, following your intuitions and taking a decision according to your gut feelings.
  • The work environment in digital marketing companies is like start-up culture even if it is in MNC’s or corporate offices.
  • Digital marketers have a space for casual lifestyle in the workplace and the companies have very lively and friendly work culture. As I mentioned earlier if you are an engineer, who turned as an entrepreneur you might not want to miss a golden opportunity for digital marketing for your business. Marketing and sales are invariably the brain and heart of every business.

Google Marketing Course for Sales & Marketing Professionals

Why Digital Marketing is important for Sales & Marketing Professionals: The employment scenario of our country is changing diversely according to updated technology which in turn is creating more challenges for job seekers and working professionals to find a suitable job and career. So it is very much essential for marketing professionals to understand and analyze the market scenario to find the right platform which can help them for better career growth. According to current market trend, digital marketing can be the best course for sales & marketing professionals and job hunters, to begin with. Why Marketing professionals should opt for Digital Marketing course? Digital marketing course for marketing professionals can be a benefit in many effective ways:
  • Adding up an updated skill in a job resume.
  • Finding a suitable job in the digital marketing industry.
  • Getting a higher salary pay.
  • Knowledge of running a business through online.
  • Start earning as a Freelancer.
Learning digital marketing helps traditional marketers to implement internet strategies for traditional business. What is the correct method of learning digital marketing courses for working professionals? To make it clear, first, you should know that digital marketing is not a single course. Digital Marketing as a marketing subject has multiple specializations under it including SEO course, Google AdWords Course, Social Media Marketing Course, Email Marketing Course and lot other. So, for marketing professional, the best way of learning digital marketing would be, to begin with, one module of digital marketing course like SEO course (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC course, and after learning and understanding the initial subject, they should switch to the other modules.

Digital Marketing Course Online for IT Professionals

Why Digital Marketing is the best alternative for IT Professionals? Most of the people fascinate about IT jobs, but does the late night and monotonous jobs not bother you? It is a debatable question. This statement is from an IT Professional -“I am bored of my IT job. I have been working for a reputed IT company for 1 year and am already very bored, sitting in front of a machine and coding. What should I do? This dilemma grappling majority of the IT Professionals.  So what is the solution? There are plenty solutions, but at present digital marketing is one of the best platforms for many individuals, who would like get out from boredom and stressful jobs. What is good with Digital Marketing?
  • Excellent Employment Outlook
  • Great Pay
  • High Job Satisfaction (As per Digiday survey 78% employees in digital marketing industry have self satisfaction.
  • Remote Work Friendly (You can work from any corner of the world; all you need is internet access and a laptop.)
  • Creative (Encourages your creativity and logical skills)
  • It’s a constantly evolving platform
Which is best; to learn Digital Marketing Classroom or Online? You can learn Online or In-class. First, you should know that Digital Marketing has multiple specializations like SEO, Google AdWords , Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Content Marketing. So, the best way of learning digital marketing would be, to begin with any one module in the list of courses,  either it be Search Engine Optimization or PPC or Email Marketing or SMM. Once you are strong in one particular channel, you can easily get into other modules of your knowledge bucket expansion.

Digital Marketing Course for Housewives

Digital Marketing for Housewives: Women are not weak, not afraid, nor tensed, they all own magnificent skills and have incredible aims but unfortunately, they are for most part surrendering, by taking the responsibility of parenting, the responsibility of taking care of family activities and more reasons to drop their bright career and fruitful salary packages. Hey! Don’t be downhearted. There is a great opportunity for you all. If you're still excited to pursue a professional career? If yes, this is possible with digital marketing by staying home and utilizing your time by learning Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is one of the best short-term professional courses for housewives. Digital Marketing is the best course for housewives to fulfil your leftover dreams and to make yourself self-capable How Digital Marketing is an advantage for Housewives?
  • Trending Profession – Digital Marketing can be the ideal decision for women who wish to fulfil their enthusiasm towards a professional career and earn money while doing her home duties.
  • Convenient time – You don't want to do the 9-6 work, As a freelancer, you can work on your convenient timings.
  • Not a Rocket Science – It is very simple to learn digital marketing for housewives. You need a little good language skill and bit knowledge on the internet. You don't need higher qualifications or percentage to learn Digital Marketing.
  • Cost Effective – Learning digital marketing is financially savvy.
  • Short Term - It is not a long-term course degree to take you 1 or 2 years of time, it is a shortterm course which will hardly take 3 months that to max 2&1/2  hours a day.
All set for your professional career, then Digital Marketing is the best career option for a housewife.

Online Marketing Course for Web Designers

Digital Marketing for Web Designers:

There is always a question at the top priority list as, "how web development relate to digital marketing? And why web developer needs to learn digital marketing?" So, answer to this is, if you combine coding skills with online marketing skills, you will gain a profound skill set that will benefit your career in such a way that whether you have a full-time job or freelancing business it helps you to get targeted traffic to the site and improve conversion rates. Knowledge of digital marketing will help you to reach clients and develop the business. For instance, many digital marketers rely heavily on data analysis, event tracking, website coding, and landing page design.

Benefits of learning digital marketing by a web developer:

• Turn into a demanding Web Developer: As a developer generally you build websites; with this, if you have the knowledge of driving traffic to a site and skillset to increase conversion rate, it will help you expand your market more than an ordinary web developer.

• Increase in income: The dual knowledge of web-development as well as digital marketing specialist will help you better negotiate on your salary with your employer. After all, along with creating beautiful websites, you can enhance the business online presence and sales.

• Build up the skills to launch your own products or services successfully: Knowing digital marketing as a web developer can pull some extra cash or can start your own full-time business by launching their product line or services. In this case, knowledge of web development and digital marketing acts as a milestone.

• Get involved in a growing field: With internet usage expanding in exponential numbers globally, there is an increased interest in digital marketing experts and organizations.

As a developer with digital marketing knowledge, helps you develop your personal brand and you can expand your brand performance and your business online as well.

Google Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital Marketing Crash Course for Startups

Understand Your Customer: With the update of latest technology and penetration of Smartphone, the human behavior has changed a lot. Now humans have become more digitally aware and are utilizing the online medium for their own convenience and advantage.

As a business, you should target your customer through the online medium but to target your customer you should have the right digital marketing approach.

Learn New Marketing Skills: For any business, marketing is the most challenging job to perform and it should not be limited only to traditional marketing. According to a rough estimate, currently India has nearly 700 million internet user and it’s still growing rapidly year on year. 

Thorough and Sound Knowledge in Digital Marketing: Can help you to reach your customers in most efficient way. Real-time business analysis data can be traceable through various digital marketing channels which can help startups for growing business and also to sharpen their marketing skills.

Digital Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Entrepreneurs Fed up with your daily job what you are doing and want to see yourself as a BOSS? Or else you have already started your journey as an entrepreneur and struggling to boost your products and services in front of the right audience? (Your targeted customers only) It is high time for you to make yourself realize the importance of digital marketing for entrepreneurs. In digital marketing, you can run your own advertising campaign by targeting only your customers and you have to pay only when someone comes and visit your website. We can track and measure each and everything that happens in a digital marketing platform with 100% accuracy. Why digital marketing is important for entrepreneurs
  • Create your own website
  • Promote your services online
  • Expand your business
  • Less Investment
  • Learn new skills
  • Use Digital channels for advertising
Just be your own boss rather working under anyone. Note: If you have a team or you have outsourced your digital marketing project to an agency, you need to be very clear about what your team or agency is doing and you should be able to track the business performance. So all the business owners & entrepreneurs, let me just tell you that you have to learn digital marketing in order to become a successful entrepreneur

Online Marketing Course for Job Seekers

Switching Your Career into Digital Marketing Are you looking to make your career switch & move with digital marketing profile? Very good, since the market is moving towards digital marketing while everything being online demand. Benefits of Switching your Career to Digital Marketing
  • High demand in the market for digital marketing career profile
  • Pay scale is very good for a fresher
  • You can also work on freelancing project
  • You can built your own website and do promotions on your own for your own startup push
  • Easy & effective skills that make you be strong in the market
  • You can work from home, work as a freelancer, have a good pay job, or work for either MNCs, Startups, Agencies or In-house
  • Very important to have a good communication and written english skill to prosper real good in digital marketing industry
Ensure you have attached your safety belts before you make your turn. Digital marketing can be a fabulous industry to switch your career, simply ensure you realize the skills well including internet savvy, english written & verbal, analytical and creative skill. We wish you good luck in your Digital Marketing profession!

Online Marketing Course for Freelancers

Digital Marketing for Freelancer:

How many of you think that you are working for your company day & night and still working for peanuts? If you are one of the guys, who are fed up with the less salary that you are getting and want to make some passive income, then you need to know about the enormous opportunity of making money as a freelance digital marketer.

Learn digital marketing and understand how to make passive income by getting freelance digital marketing jobs in, and many more.

And if you start getting more freelance jobs in your hand, you can literally start thinking about quitting the job and having a steady monthly income through digital marketing freelancing.

Benefits of being a Freelance Digital Marketer:

  • Work from Home
  • Earn more with passive income
  • Control your Workload
  • Work wherever you want
  • You can follow your passion.
  • Note: Learning digital marketing is a fruitful asset for a Digital Marketing freelancer.

Short Term Digital Marketing Course for Bloggers

Digital Marketing for Bloggers

Importance of digital marketing for bloggers:

• Knowledge in digital marketing for a blogger is important for optimizing and getting more traffic to their blog page in order to earn passive income

• Increase your income

• Increase your market visibility and branding

• Become an industry leader.

• Connect people to your brand.

• Create an opportunity for sharing & educating

If you are interested in increasing your online exposure, while establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, then you will definitely want to take advantage of blogging as a marketing strategy. If you learn digital marketing you can strategically plan how to write a blog to get more traffic & revenue.

Google Digital Marketing Course for BPO & Call Center Professionals

Digital Marketing Career for BPO

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) revolution started in India in the 90s, saved many people from unemployment. At emergency we take up the opportunities however the growth is not such great, however, we can’t run our fuel on the same path where there is not going to have any solid career growth.

Why BPOs should switch to Digital Marketing:

The jobs offered at BPOs were no longer satisfying and fulfilling, resulting in burnouts. Not having Work life balance, hectic shift schedules, career limitations, and rigid work environment all these factors ruin your life. Most of the BPO employees are struggling to get a job in other sectors; the primary reason for this is a skill gap. Here you see how your BPO experience can help you to switch to Digital Marketing.

• The skills picked up during the BPO stint can easily carry over to the digital marketing sector.

• Digital Marketing is majorly about internet and customer behaviour; in the time of BPO employment, you will have fair knowledge on internet and customer behaviour.

• Cost of the course is economical moreover duration is very short compared to any other professional courses.

• Digital Marketing jobs give enormous job satisfaction as the work performance can be measured and improves upon instantly.

Internet marketing is growing at a great rate and it is generating plenty of job opportunities. The demand for digital marketing professionals is enormously high. Learning digital marketing helps you to earn extra bucks by working as a freelancer.

Switching from BPO to digital marketing definitely widen up your opportunities.