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    2 Weeks
    10 Modules
    8 per Batch

    Course Syllabus

    We provide best Amazon Marketing training in bangalore.
    1. Amazon Overview | (45 Min)
    2. Amazon PPC | (45 Min)
    3. Organic Vs PPC | (45 Min)
    4. 1P Vs 3P | (45 Min)
    5. Enhanced Brand Content Vs A+ Content | (45 Min)
    6. Amazon Ad Types | (45 Min)
    7. Keywords | (45 Min)
    8. Metrics to look for | (45 Min)
    9. Run single campaign for each ad type | (3 Hours)
    10. Optimization | (3 Hours)

    Amazon Marketing at eMarketEdu

    We provide best Amazon Advertising training for beginners.

    eMarket Education offers an extensive Amazon Marketing course that provides professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the world of Amazon marketing.

    Our course is one of the Best Amazon Marketing courses in Bangalore and can be taken online for your convenience. From understanding the Amazon marketplace to creating effective strategies for success, our experienced trainers will cover all important concepts to help you navigate and succeed on Amazon.

    Enroll today and boost your Amazon Marketing proficiency.

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    Amazon Marketing Course FAQs

    Why should I do Amazon Ads Course?

    • Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce platform and a powerful marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. By learning how to effectively use Amazon advertising, businesses can reach millions of potential customers and increase sales.

    • Amazon's advertising platform is complex and constantly evolving. A course can help you stay up-to-date with the latest features and best practices, and give you the knowledge you need to optimize your campaigns.

    • Amazon advertising can be highly effective, but it can also be costly if not executed properly. A course can teach you how to reduce costs and improve the ROI of your campaigns.

    • In the E-commerce Industry, learning how to maximize the use of Amazon Advertising can give an individual an advantage in the job market, by providing them with a specific skill set that is highly in demand by businesses.

    • By taking a course, you'll learn from experts with real-world experience, which can help you avoid common mistakes and achieve success more quickly.

    Will this course cover Amazon Sponsored Video, Display & DSP?

    No, This course will focus on in-depth understanding of  Amazon Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brand

    Will there be hands-on exercises and real-world examples?

    Yes. It will be combination of Theory & Practical which includes hands-on exercises and real word examples

    Any Pre-Requisite Skills?

    No. Basic marketing/digital marketing knowledge is added advantage.


    Will there be a completion certificate from Amazon

    You will receive a certificate from "eMarket Education" on completion of the course

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