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Top Factors for SEO Local Business Optimization

Top Factors for SEO Local Business Optimization
Top Factors for SEO Local Business Optimization

SEO Local Business Optimization

  • Approximately 3 billion search queries contain local terms every month. (Source: comScore)
  • 70% of online searchers will use local search to find offline businesses. (Source: Kelsey Group) 
  • 30% of Google searches are for local information. (Source:  Google)

If you’ve got a Local Business, you may be tempted to induce it listed on each local business directory and review network out there. And whereas that may seem to be an excellent plan initially, chances are high that you may either pay plenty of your time or plenty of cash on a wasted effort as a number of those sites garner very little or no traffic for businesses in specific industries.


  1. Google My Business page:

If your business doesn’t have registered in Google My Business page then, first of all, create a presence on the site.


SEO Google Local Business

2. Use content on your site targeting specific and localized keywords.

Use Keywords and content which target to the geographical search keywords as it will bring new opportunity to SERP (search engine results pages).

3. Optimize On-Page SEO Elements

Use your geographical keywords on On-page SEO elements like URL, Title, keywords, h1-h5, alt tags etc.


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4. Appear in Local Directories

Create a presence on local directories as these directories help people to find your business in their location.

5. Target long tail Keyword variation

Try to use long tail keywords for this you can take help of Google Keyword Planner Tool.

6. Tell People about your Location

Add your business name, location and contact details like phone number, Address, email etc. on the website.

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7. Localize your Social Media

These days social media plays a vital role in creating engagement so use the social media platform to describe your Business location. Give your business’s proper details with the landmark. Share nearby famous public places.

8. Reviews

77% of online shoppers use reviews to make a purchasing decision (source: Hubspot).

So if somebody wants to view the feedback about your product or services then show them your potentiality on online review sites.

9. Have Location Pages

If your business has multiple branches in the different location or if you are a franchise, it’s very important to tell users that you have multiple locations. So for telling people about your location One way can be is to have a unique page for each location.

10. Mobile-Optimize

As local search and mobile searches goes together so make sure that your website is properly mobile optimized. People usually search for the location, mobile and contact details through mobile.


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