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Digital Marketing career for Engineers

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career for Engineers?

Why Digital Marketing after Engineering? Why not? You can learn Digital Marketing after Engineering.  If you want your business to sustain the online presence and make a good revenue, this is the wonderful program you can do after your UG/PG courses. Many of you usually stay in this dilemma, whether you should go ahead of […]

Mobile Phone Internet Users Penetration in India

Mobile Internet Users Funda! India Internet Users 2021

Mobile Internet Users in India 2021 Introduction to Internet Users in India: It all starts with the Internet, also called the ‘Net’. It started in 1960, with a workable prototype existence called ARPANET, the acronym for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.  But later, as the researchers began to customize ARPANET, they started assembling ‘network to […]

How to Kick Start Career in PPC

Start a Career in PPC as a Fresher

Beginner in PPC Google AdWords There is a good say “Choose a job you love, and never you have to work a day in your life.” The best motivational quote by Steve Jobs for every individual to choose their right job to be happy & continuing forever without any hesitation or guilt. The moment we […]


8 Reasons for PPC Google Ad Disapproval

Ad Dis-approvals come hand in hand as working with Google Ad-words account. Google keeps on updating new policies for the improvement of accounts and restricts the privacies for concerned matters. Google ensures the security and privacy of everything and that’s the main reason for having thee guidelines of the violating terms. Once an ad is […]


LinkedIn Marketing: How LinkedIn Marketing Helps to Boost your Sales?

Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms used by every individual.  It is the world’s largest professional network where nearly 600+ million people across the world using this platform to build a network and market their business. LinkedIn was started in 2003 by Reid Hoffman with an […]

Important Skills Digital Marketing

11 Top Skills for Career in Digital Marketing

Important Skills to start a Digital Marketing Career   Digital marketing is the new market trend and going to open up more opportunities for the people soon with its increasing demand for promotion of products/services online. Some important skills to begin a career in Digital Marketing for an easier beginning:   Social Media – Social […]

Top 10 tips starting career in SMM

How to Start a Career in Social Media Marketing?

Note: It’s true that Social Media in recent years has been playing a very essential role in the digital marketing industry. We cannot ignore the fact that the advantages of social media are not only for students but for anyone who can literally utilize it efficiently. Through the years, the social media marketing (SMM) industry has […]

Internet penetration in India

The Power of Internet: Internet Penetration in India

Number of Internet Users in India 2020 The number of internet users in India is 560 million as of 2020. It is higher than the US total population. According to the IAMAI report, the number of Indian internet users will reach 666.4 million by 2023. The growth of the internet in India brought a new change […]


10 Things to Expertise in PPC Course for 100% Job Placement

Expertise PPC Google Ads Pay Per Click also known as Cost Per Click was introduced in 2002. Until then, advertisements were charged at CPM i.e. Cost-Per-Thousand impressions or Cost-Per-Mile. PPC is commonly associated with first-tier search engines (such as  Google Ads and Bing Ads). With the help of Search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword […]

Sanjay’s Experience from Sales to Digital Marketing

Sanjay’s Journey from Sales to Digital Marketing

From Sales Marketing to Digital Marketing Journey Hi, this is Sanjay, I am an MBA professional, and just like every other MBA students getting the best job with a handsome package was my goal, After I got placed from my college in one-of-the education organizations, I joined without any concern and it was in sales, […]