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Facebook Instant Articles: Know More Monetization Option

Facebook Instant Articles: Know More Monetization Option
Facebook Instant Articles: Know More Monetization Option

Options & Aspects Available on Facebook Instant Article

Well, in the first part of Facebook Instant article we got to know about the history and various challenges faced by Facebook while creating the Instant Article application. Now in this part, we will take you deep down to know more about the different functionality options and aspects available in Facebook Instant Article.

How to get started in Instant Article?

Sign Up:

To get started with Instant Article it is very much essential to have a Facebook Page or an Admin or Page Editor role for the particular Facebook Page.

The first task to get started with Instant Article is by signing up with instantarticles.fb.com.

Import Your Articles

Selection of your Facebook Page:

Once you sign up for your Facebook account immediately you will view the option of selecting the Facebook page for which you want to publish the articles.

Facebook Instant Articles

Own your URL:

Now the very important part of selecting your Facebook Page is to provide an URL that you want to use it for publishing your article. This given URL will act as the primary URL for all your published posts. You can own an URL by referring to the Instant Article settings where a publisher just have to add a meta tag to the HTML’s <head> tag and then comply the URL to the settings

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How to import your article?

Now, this becomes a bit interesting when it comes to the topic of importing content to the Instant Article. At the initial developing phase of Instant Article creation, Facebook overcame the challenge of creating a single platform for all publishers to publish their content and the global audience to read the article from the web, mobile, and any other device. But currently one can straight away publish their content through Content Management System (CRM). Also, a publisher has various options like:

  • Connecting with website blog
  • Take help of Facebook publishing tools
  • Through RSS feed
  • Using API

Note: Well each of the above linking process in bit tricky so we would be jotting down the above working procedures in the upcoming blogs. Sorry for the delay in the case.


How to design and format your article?

Facebook Instant Article app provides different options to publishers for creating beautiful designs. Also, the custom options are also available which means if at all a publisher is not happy with the existing designs then they can create their own design and format style. Even the letter font styles are only subjected to Helvetica Neue and Georgia currently.

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Submission and Review Factor:

And finally, the last step of completion is by submitting your desired articles for review by Facebook. Usually, Facebook takes almost 24 – 48 Hours to review a publisher’s content are properly formatted or not?

Call To Action options?

Call To Action (CTA) in Instant Article is used to build direct engagement with the audience. Usually, CTA’s are displayed in blue color and currently, Instant Article is giving the benefit of 4 CTA’s to publishers which are:

  • App Installs
  • Email Newsletter Sign Ups
  • Page Likes
  • Create your own CTA

How does the monetary option work in terms of advertisement?

In order to make the Instant Article app more beneficial in terms of currency wise for both Facebook and Publishers, Facebook came up with the concept of advertisement where a publisher there by posting an article can earn financially.  Due to this Facebook started allowing various ads which are limited to Direct – Sold AdsAudience Network in Instant Article and Branded Content.

Some tips to know are like Facebook only keeps 30 percent and gives 100 percent to the publisher if the ads transaction happens through Audience Network. If nicely strategized and planned then one can easily earn a handsome amount through Instant Article advertisement options. The publisher should either know or should take the help of a developer to create the ads because some back-end technical knowledge is required while creating the ads.

facebook instant articles example

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How to monetize advertising within Facebook Instant Articles

As mentioned above about the three different types of advertisement options, let’s check it out:

Direct-Sold Ads:

Direct-Sold Ads means Video ads, Animated ads, and Banner ads which a publisher can opt to show in their content. This ad type allows the publisher to keep the full 100 percent revenue generated through the ads. The whole process of creating a Direct – Sold Ad lesson will be published very soon in the upcoming blog.

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Audience Network in Instant Article:

Now, this is a bit tricky because in order to use Audience Network the publisher must have to create an Audience Network App initially. This ad can be beneficial for those publishers who want to hold back their user or audience for a long duration. Audience Network ads are usually innovative thereby giving the chance of higher branding and people based targeting options.

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Branded Content:

Instant Article’s Branded Content may look similar to your editorial article but it is not. In branded content, the publisher can design and create a content by taking the help of design tools to make the article look more attractive and appealing thus creating a different experience for the user.

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How do the insights and analytical tools function?

The analytical part in Instant Article is bit complicated and tricky. There are different tools to track and measure your audience engagement. At one end where Facebook provides you with the audience engagement data through its insight database at the same time if you are not satisfied and want to take the help of other third-party tools then you have to integrate the following code appropriately by yourself or with the help of your developer in order to get the correct tracking details of your audience engagement.Some of the few 3rd party tracking tools include Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Nielsen, SimpleReach, comScore, Parse.ly, Chartbeat. But the thing to understand here is how to implement the third party tracking tool in your Instant Article which we will be covering up on the upcoming blog.

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