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Importance of SEO LinkBuilding Tactic for Effective SEO

Importance of SEO LinkBuilding Tactic for Effective SEO
Importance of SEO LinkBuilding Tactic for Effective SEO

Link Building – The Most Important Tactic for Effective SEO

Digital Marketing, the most powerful weapon known to men in the 21st-century business world has been in an ever-changing and developing stage ever since its inception. It has been one of the most important catalysts behind the exponential rise of business through the medium of the internet and social media. So, it is important to understand that doing it effectively and with right strategies in mind is what matters and not just doing it for the sake of it. It is exactly why we bring to you this very special blog where we list down some important key points to help you perform SEO using backlinks, the most effective way.

Firstly, before we go any further ahead into how to use backlinks and perform effective SEO in Digital Marketing. Let us have a look as to what Digital Marketing is and why is it important to have an effective SEO process associated with it?

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Digital Marketing is a collective term for marketing of goods and services using Digital Technologies. There are multiple verticals enclosed under the concept of Digital or Internet Marketing which includes-

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM).
  • Pay Per Click Marketing(PPC).
  • Content Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • ORM(Online Reputation Management).

All these verticals form the foundation for Digital Marketing Experts to work upon and help businesses grow. But here we focus on one of those verticals- SEO, where we try to help you understand about how to make effective use of backlinks to get your Search Engine Ranking upgraded in the minimum possible time.

Search Engine Industry has always been one of the most important industries in the Internet Era, as it not only forms an essential part of Businesses in different parts of the world. But also plays an important role in people’s everyday lives. Hence signifying the importance of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or webpage in the Search Engine Results organically. It is one of the most constructive methods, known to Digital Marketing Professionals for enhancing the performance of their websites with long-term goals in mind. So it is important to have a clear knowledge of, How you could do it and in a unique way.

seo (search engine optimization)

SEO Teaching Institutes spend Tens and hundreds of hours on trying to help students understand the best possible ways to perform effective SEO which includes activities like:

  • Finding the right set of Keywords with the right amount of Search Volume and Less Competition. Keeping the balance between them in mind.
  • Curating content and optimizing it around the set of Keywords chosen before.
  • Making sure the Content contains only enough amount of Keywords(<5%), that it does not alarm google for de-ranking the website for it.
  • Making sure the website architecture is good enough for people to understand and scroll through it without getting confused.
  • Also making sure that website is responsive enough to different gadgets and browsers.

Ensuring proper execution of all the above-mentioned SEO steps provides for an enhanced performance of website through Search Engine Results, but there is one more step that if executed in the right manner might help drastically improve the website performance, marking its growth in the longer run, which is-

  • Having backlinks associated with your website and maintaining them.

Which brings us to the question of, what exactly are backlinks or what does one mean when he or she states she is working on link building for their website?

Link Building is the process of getting external pages to link to your websites or a page on your website, or, in general terms back links are like references or recommendations from other websites which for google marks as a positive indication towards relevancy of content on your website. That it believes, your content is so good that other websites are recommending your pages on their websites. Thus, enhancing your Website Authority, and eventually your Search Engine Ranking.

It has been a well-known practice among Digital Marketing professionals for years now, but doing it the effective way without overdoing it is something everyone struggles with. Which is why we have created this blog to help you understand, ‘How you can do it just right, that it works towards your websites positive growth?’ Let us have a look at the important things that you must remember-

  1. Authority of the Page and Domain you are being linked to.

Is that page or website, the one that you are linking to a PageRank Power House? Does it have great Page and Domain authority and high Search Engine Ranking?

If so, then it is going to drastically help you achieve better Search Engine rankings as backlinks from websites of higher authority always help you achieve better rankings for your websites.

  1. Relevancy of content on the given page of the website.

It is very important to make sure that the content associated with the backlink of your website is quality and relevant to the content on your website, else there are higher chances of de-ranking than ranking.

For example, your content is about football and you have been provided with a backlink by a reputed matrimonial site.

So does that link still count? No.

It is very important to understand that without relevancy, any number of backlinks are just going to affect your website negatively.

  1. Links Position on the page.

It is important to make sure that link is put up somewhere in the main body content of the website.

And not somewhere in the footer or some irrelevant position. Else it just not going to help in any sort of way.

So it is very important to make sure that the links are placed in a good enough place for Google to notice and crawl through it.

  1. Link has been placed editorically.

It is important that we understand the importance of Editorical placement of Links on a website or a page.

Did they post the link because they thought your content was great and would actually compliment their content perfectly? Or,

Did you make a fake profile on a random website and posted the link yourself?

So it is important to make sure that the links are placed editorically, else it will just be taken as spam and may work negatively for your website.

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  1. Having Natural Anchor Text.

‘Anchor texts’ are the blue underlined links in sentences that you can click on.

It is important to make sure that these anchor texts are naturally placed in a content of that particular page or website. And it could work even better if the anchor texts are keywords associated with your content on your website.

  1. Getting Dofollow links.

Nofollows’ and ‘Dofollows’ have been the extra bit of detail in this game of SEO archery. Nofollows are the links where the website tells Google to not follow the link beyond their website and also making sure that page rank is not transferred from their website to the other.

Whereas Dofollow instructs Google to follow the link and pass on the PageRank to the next website which is the most important reason as to why we do Link Building in SEO.

So it is essentially important to get Dofollows for backlinks of your websites.

These are the simple things that can make your SEO Link Building strategies much more effective and help you take that extra leap over your competitors.

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