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Introduction to Google Adwords Custom Affinity Audience Targeting

Introduction to Google Adwords Custom Affinity Audience Targeting
Introduction to Google Adwords Custom Affinity Audience Targeting

Google Adwords Display Network: Custom Affinity Audience Targeting

What is Google Adwords Custom Affinity Audience Targeting?

Google defines custom affinity audiences as letting Digital Marketers define whom they want to reach across the web, on any screen. By factoring in consumers’ most recent passions and ongoing interests, Google ensures your ad copy always reaches the right users.


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How to implement Custom Affinity in Display Network campaign settings?

Display > targeting > Interest & remarketing > affinity audiences > custom affinity targeting


When to use Custom Affinity Audience Targeting in a Google Adwords campaign?

  • Branding
  • More controlled targeting on Adwords Display Network.
  • Advertise tailored real-time content to specific users
  • Increase market reach while driving incremental conversions

If your requirement falls into any of the items above then custom affinity audience targeting could be right for your account. Custom affinity campaign can be used for any industry vertical looking to expand their reach on the Google Adwords Display Network while targeting a very specific audience.


How to Build your First Custom Affinity Audience?

Step 1: You Need a “Display Network Only” Campaign

First, log in to your Google AdWords account. If you haven’t yet built a “Display Network Only” campaign, go ahead and build one and only fill in the essential information.


google adwords training institute

Step 2: Find Where to Build These Audiences

Once you’ve got “Display Network Only” campaign with a single ad group, proceed further to the “Display Network” tab and then hit the red “+ TARGETING” button. Next, under the “Add targeting” drop down menu, select “Interests & remarketing.”


display network campaign


It will show “Interests & Remarketing” targeting options and you need to select “Custom affinity audiences” in the “Select category” drop down menu.


Adwords display network campaign

This will display the below page screenshot, and you’re going to hit the “+ Create custom affinity button”:


Adwords display network

An overlay popup box will open, giving you the option to create your Custom Affinity Audience by adding keywords and/or URLs into your Google Adwords campaign.


Adwords Custom Affinity Audience settings

Step 3: Create your own Custom Affinity Audience(s)

Choose your keywords (they’ll actually call them interests) and/or URLs, the AdWords system will then tell you more about the audience they have for you — how many cookies, the topics, the demographics, and so on.


Google Adwords Custom Affinity settings

If it looks specific to your digital marketing goals, save it.

To target this audience in future, all you need is; run through these steps again, but instead of creating the Custom affinity audience, you can now select the Custom Affinity Audiences you have built.

Now, here’s something you ought to know before you start running ads to these new audiences you have built. We’re finding the real key to Custom Affinity Audience success is the messaging.


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Find the Right Message

Remember, Custom Affinity Audiences plays to user’s recent search behavior, not what a user has just typed in to the search bar at that moment. Also, it’s unlikely these people don’t know who you are just yet.

That means you need to think about how you engage & communicate your message to these people because you should never advertise to interest, search or remarketing traffic the same way. One wouldn’t speak to window shoppers, in-store customers, & customers at the check point in the same way right?

Next Steps & Final Note

What I’d really recommend is going into your Google AdWords account and having a play around with Custom Affinity Audiences. Build a few audiences based on search keywords, niche celebrity names, relevant brands, relevant websites, competitor websites, and so on & do use the Display planner tool to good effect. Next post on How to effectively use the Display Planner tool?


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