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Learn A/B Testing Techniques for PPC Google Adwords

Learn A/B Testing Techniques for PPC Google Adwords
Learn A/B Testing Techniques for PPC Google Adwords

Do you ever wanted to introduce A/B Testing in your Digital Marketing skillset, but not sure where to begin?

Do you think Adwords A/B testing is for more professional marketers?

Let’s explore quickly, what is A/B Testing?

Learn A/B Testing with PPC Google Adwords

In this article, I am going to cover the following questions:-

  • What is A/B Testing in PPC Google Adwords?
  • What to test in Adwords A/B?
  • How A/B Testing is done in PPC Google Adwords?
  • What are the Best Practices of Adwords A/B Testing?

What is A/B Testing in PPC Google Adwords?

A/B Testing is described as a “comparison of two versions of a webpage to see which one performs better.” The purpose of running an A/B test on your website is to increase conversions.

As you can see, with A/B testing, you can follow a method to slowly increase the number of website visitors that convert into consumers. If done accurately, you can be sure that you’ll always get the same outcomes. A/B Testing is an incredibly powerful and important tool in PPC Google Adwords for testing the performance of our ads.

Another name for A/B Testing is Adwords Split Testing or PPC Testing. Pay-per-click advertising is an essential element of various online marketing campaigns. It can also be one of the most expensive constant expenses in a campaign. A/B Testing in Adwords campaigns helps to improve conversion rates for their PPC campaigns. For better results, we use PPC Split Testing.

Therefore, it’s important that you test your ads daily, to make sure you aren’t letting your conversions decrease. There are few things to test in PPC Google Adwords. Find the list below to find what can you test by using A/B Testing in Digital Marketing;

A/B Testing is done for PPC Ad Copy

Find Out “How to Write PPC Ad Copy ?

ab testing google ads

Image Source – Google

What can you test with A/B?

Here is the list of things that you can test in PPC:-

  1. The Headline – the headline is the part that is going to show up in the google search results (in blue).
  2. The Body Text – the body text is the equivalent to your page’s description meta tag in organic search results.
  3. The Link – it is very important to send your audience to the landing page and not the home page. So give a link to your product page.
  4. The Keywords the ad displays for – some marketers feel that their ad show up for the relevant keywords, but some other keywords may also trigger and convert better than others. The only way to figure out which performs best is to do A/B Testing.

How to Run A/B Testing with Google Adwords?

To perform A/B Testing in PPC, we need to create two ads for a given keyword or ad group to check which ad is performing much better based on the unique selling propositions (USPs) used in your ads. It is best to test one variable at a time, if possible. That is one aspect of the ad that you want to change, that is Headline 1, Headline 2, headline 3, Description or Final URL.

If you have more than one variable that is different, it is difficult to nail down why one ad performed better than the other without making assumptions. Sort and filter your ads when you go to examine them. The amount of time it takes to test your ad depends on the volume your ad can serve.

If your keyword has a low search volume, it will take a longer time to say whether it worked or not. To compare performance between ads, you need to focus on the two main PPC Google Adwords Metrics that is Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR). If you want to do Ad Copy Testing, you can start with H1 and compare the performance of the ads.

Here is the A/B Testing Example

Ad A

H1 – Join Digital Marketing 

H2 – 100% Job Placements & Internships

Description – Hands-on Live Projects. Pay Fees in 3 Instalments. Max. 6 in a Batch. Bank Loan with 0% EMI. Enrol Now!


Ad B

H1 – Looking for a Digital Marketing career?

H2 – 100% Job Placements & Internships

Description – Hands-on Live Projects. Pay Fees in 3 Instalments. Max. 6 in a Batch. Bank Loan with 0% EMI. Enroll Now!

As you can see in the above example, the H1 for both the ads are different and H2 ad description is same. You will write the same message across your ad groups. It is good to use labels to the group what message works best for you. Analyze which message or USPs attracts more customers by comparing CTR and conversion rate, and then use the same USPs which performed best in future ad copies. This is not a one time job, you have to regularly check the performance and measure “which” and “when” your ads are performing.

PPC A/B testing sample with two different results

Image Source – Google

What are the Best Practices of A/B Testing?

For conducting A/B tests on your pay-per-click ad campaigns, follow these easy tips for better outcomes and increase ROI.

  1. Set clear and measurable goals.
  2. Test only one variable at a time, so that you can pinpoint what is affecting the success of your ads.
  3. Test early and test often.
  4. Test your ad changes simultaneously to reduce time-based factors.
  5. Pay attention to the data you collect.
  6. Make sure you run your ads in a long run to get enough data for accurate results. You need at least 1000 impressions in order to get accurate data.
  7. Remember, in PPC, you are only paying for the clicks and not for the impressions.

PPC A/ B testing can be experimented on every website

Image Source – Google

The Bottom Line:

I hope you got an idea about PPC Split Testing and its uses in PPC Google Adwords. A/B testing isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s pretty easy to give A/B testing a try, thanks to the built-in features found in Digital Marketing these days. So if you’re ready to run your first split test campaign, learn PPC Course in Bangalore and drive PPC Expertise.

I believe you’ll see that it’s simpler than you expected! Read our other article on A/B Testing for SEO and its benefits.


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