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Twitter The Major Player in the Social Media Marketing

Twitter The Major Player in the Social Media Marketing
Twitter The Major Player in the Social Media Marketing

Twitter, the Major Player in Social Media

TWITTER: An online & social media networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets” restricted to 140 characters. Also started with paid promotional ads to generate revenue for the company. The paid ads platform is similar in the lines with Google ad words with minor differences.

Twitter has a user base of 320 million users worldwide, which enables brands or companies to promote their product to their target customers.

The advantage of using Twitter compared to other Social Media platform:

  • Available of more relevant audience
  • Good for B2B marketing
  • Good mode of PR communication for communication
  • Brands can show great creativity with limited characters
  • Less expensive comparatively to Facebook & LinkedIn
  • More customer interaction


Pre-requisites for Twitter Promotion:

  • Twitter Account
  • Credit Card
  • Good number of Followers

Types of Twitter Promotional Ads:-

  • Tweet Engagement Ads – Increasing engagement of tweets in news feed of users based on the targeting mode used by the user
  • Video Views – Same as tweet engagement only difference is that a video is added and also a link to the advertiser’s website also an option viewing the video in twitter.
  • Website Click – Same as google ad words where a format of Headline, URL, tweet & space for image or video. The user is redirected to the advertiser’s website on clicking.
  • App installs & re-Installs – An option to promote your ads to customers who have installed your app or who haven’t.
  • Awareness – The Awareness campaign works the same way as Tweet Engagement ads, where you need to target an audience by their location, language, gender, keywords, followers, interests, etc. Here, you don’t need to set a maximum CPC, as the Twitter ad system will automatically optimize your campaign to show ads to more people.
  • Followers – A promotional way to increase your followers
Twitter Ad Formats

Courtesy: Google Image

Website Clicks & Conversion Twitter Ad

Courtesy: Google Image


Twitter App Installation Ads

Courtesy: Google Picture showing App install Ad


Types of Twitter Targeting:

  • Location Basis
  • Gender
  • Add Keywords – If users use the particular keyword in their tweet, #tag or in the search box then the particular ad will show. Keyword has options for broad, phrase, exact & broad modifier.
  • Add Followers –Follows Facebook mirror strategy, i.e. ad only shows to people with interest similar to that of the followers of the account added.
  • Add Interest – Interest categories increase potential reach. We will target users interested in any of the categories you enter, in addition to any @usernames you enter above.
  • Add tailored Audience – With tailored audiences, you can specifically target people that are important to your campaign using your own data. Similar to that of Facebook offline – online sync.
  • Add TV targeting – Only present in some countries, where live tweeting about the ongoing show is organized by the advertiser to promote the show as well increase the TRP. Mostly used for sports events in India even though the facility is not available in India.
  • Add Behaviours – These audiences from Twitter partners are based on actual online and offline behaviours and characteristics. Users will be eligible for targeting if they fit with any of the behaviours you select.


Twitter Behaviour Targeting Advertisement

Picture showing type of Behaviour targeting

  • Add Event targeting – Targeting the particular events happening currently or scheduled to happen in the future. The ad will be promoted along with the news feeds circulating the event tweets and also the promoted #tags can be featured on the event page. Ex – Olympics, US elections, FIFA World cup 


Best Practices in Twitter Marketing:

  • Make people talk about your brand i.e. involve your audience
  • Use a current event to increase reach
  • Target a specific time to target the right audience
  • Promote the #tags wisely
  • Use keywords with proper match type that provide the required reach
  • For add followers choose the username you feel has a more relevant audience to cater to your needs, who can indirectly drive more relevant traffic to your ad.
  • Use your offline data to cater to a tailored made audience who are not aware of your presence on Twitter

There are many creative ways to promote in Social Media Marketing which can expand client determination and engagement as well.


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