Become a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional

To begin on a true note, it’s a fact that not every digital marketer is 100% aware of the “Facebook Blueprint” and the certification program associated with it. If you are an aspiring Facebook advertiser, looking forward to accomplishing your career goals then you should bag this certificate. So let’s dive in and check out the whole anatomy of Facebook Blueprint Certification.

What is Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Facebook Blueprint is a certification program offered by Facebook to help online marketers, especially social media marketers. This program aims to support social media marketers to learn, understand, and get expertise in advance advertising strategies of Facebook paid campaigns and its related applications like Instagram.

The complete social media marketing certification process based on an online medium, starting with referring to the e-learning guides and other study materials and ending with the final test. The best thing is that one can access and complete the test from any location as it’s not mandatory to visit or attend a test center to take the online test.

How much does Facebook Blueprint Certification cost in India?

Well, now this is a topic that you need to focus on readers! For your updated information please make note of the fact that firstly, Facebook Blueprint Certification is not at all free, and secondly, it is categorized and available in 2 modules, and as an individual, you can opt for either one module or both the modules for achieving Facebook certification. Below is a short description of the different modules.

The Two Facebook blueprint certification Modules:

Facebook Certification Planning Professional (FCPP):

  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional


Facebook Certification Buying Professional (FCBP):

  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies.
  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

From the above two certifications, you can clearly notice that Facebook Advertising Core Competencies is common to both.

Now moving to the fees part, the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams cost USD 150 per exam. That implies in order to achieve any one certification you have to spend a minimum of USD 300 to get a Facebook Blueprint Certification or also known as Digital Badge.

Note – The price may vary according to your location. In India, the exam fee is around INR 10,000 and the certification is valid only for 1 year after which you need to get it re-certified by taking the exam again.

Benefits of Facebook Certification in Digital Marketing industry:

Here are the following advantages of having a Blueprint Certification:

  • You can include this certification badge in your resume or email to showcase your marketing strength and skills to create a higher impact.
  • Earning a certification from Facebook is obviously an achievement, as it defines your expertise in social media marketing and advertising knowledge.
  • It can be highly beneficial especially for agencies in the digital marketing field as the certification increases the prospects of client acquisition.
  • Finally, it is the only officially recognized and authorized certification from Facebook that one can cherish.

What Next? If you fail the Facebook Blueprint Exam.

The Facebook Blueprint Certification Course is designed for core social media advertisers, with an intention to enhance advertising skills. In case if you fail the test, do remember that you can take the test as many times as you can but the only condition is that only once in 30 days

What is Blueprint Live?

Anybody completing the blueprint exam gets an opportunity to attend a one-day exclusive workshop to learn more about advance Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies.

Value of Facebook Certification in the Digital Marketing industry:

When it comes to digital marketing, the two end goals that every digital marketer strives to achieve is “Leads” and “Sales”. And for sure the ugly truth is that every day the competition and struggle to get these results is turning out to be more difficult.


Facebook gives you numerous potential strategies to increase new business leads and grow your impact on the web and reach your potential purchasers. You can utilize it to all the more likely build your brand and to get purchasers to your products and services. The key is to figure out how to utilize Facebook as an advertiser rather than a distinct individual. At the point when you figure out how to implement these techniques, the sky is the limit! The sooner you implement these techniques, the sooner you’ll get results. Facebook Certification Course is the most ideal approach to adapt more to utilizing this amazing medium in your online marketing efforts.

“To concluded, achieving a Blueprint Certification from Facebook can be beneficial in terms of both personal and professional career skill growth and also leverage your knowledge when it comes to the social media advertising and marketing industry.”

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