Empower Your Digital Marketing career with eMarket Education’s “Digital Marketing Training Course”

PPC Google Adwords
80 hours
  • 6 Students / Batch
    2 Hours / Session
    Week Day/End
  • Eligibility : Graduate & higher

We help students to be placed in digital marketing agencies or in-house firm on successful completion of their course.

70 hours
  • 6 Students / Batch
    2 Hours / Session
    Week Day/End
  • Eligibility : Graduate & higher

We help students to implement the Content Structuring, Landing Page Creation, On-Page & Technical SEO the best way.

Google Analytics
50 hours
  • 6 Students / Batch
    2 Hours / Session
    Week Day/End
  • Eligibility : Graduate & higher

We help them to set-up Google Analytics account with data interpretation, forecasting & strategizing their Online Business.

Digital Marketing
100+ hours
  • 6 Students / Batch
    4 Hours / Session
    Week Day/End
  • Eligibility : Graduate & higher

We collate all the individual specialization including SEO, PPC Google AdWords & Social Media to one single extensive course.

PPC Bing AdCenter
30 hours
  • 6 Students / Batch
    2 Hours / Session
    Week Day/End
  • Eligibility : Graduate & higher

We help you learn Bing Advertisement & YouTube to target US, UK, Australia & Middle East audience specifically

designing course
45 hours
  • 6 Students / Batch
    90 min / Session
    Week Day/End
  • Eligibility : Graduate & higher

We aspire students to be disciplined,confident & work as a team to excel in their digital marketing career.


All Info around Digital Marketing Training Program

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media and differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – typically in real time. ~ defined by SAS

Different Digital Marketing Training Program?

If asked to go sequentially, then it would be;

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training
  • Pay per Click (PPC) training
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) training (latest trend)
  • Digital Media Marketing training (latest trend)
    1. Topic covered Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, SMM & Email Marketing
    2. Instead of learning individual specialization, if you prefer to learn everything, then it’s called Digital Marketing course
    3. For e.g., you take up MBA admission while specializing either in Marketing, HR, Finance or IT; same way you can take up Digital Marketing to specialize in SEO, PPC, Social Media & Email Marketing
    4. If you don’t want to do the complete Digital Marketing course, you can either opt for only SEO course or PPC course or SMM course, and develop a career specialization in any one
  • Google Analytics training : Mainly opted after completing Digital Marketing or should have decent awareness of Digital Marketing to jump into Web Analytics course


Industry categories who are actively involved with Digital Marketing in a given hierarchy of specialization structure are;

  1. In-house companies
    • Large
    • Small
  2. Agencies
  3. MNCs
  4. Start-Ups

In-house follow the given rule around Digital Marketing strategy planning;

  • Large in-house companies would prefer having each individual proficient in one given specialization than knowing the whole of digital marketing, since salary mayn’t be a constrain
  • Small in-house companies would prefer having few person who are proficient in complete digital marketing, since they have budget constrain

Agencies follow the given rule around Digital Marketing strategy planning;

  • Prefer to have individual specialization expertise than knowing overall digital marketing

MNCs follow the given rule around Digital Marketing strategy planning;

  • They break the expertise into much granular level. Few might only work on certain topics of SEO or PPC or Social Media. For e.g., a set of team work only on PPC analysis & reporting only, few work on search campaigns only, few on display & remarketing campaigns, few on keyword research & adcopy writing & so on

Start-Ups follow the given rule around Digital Marketing strategy planning;

  • Prefer to have Digital Marketers who know min of 2 (SEO & Social Media | PPC & Social Media) or all the 3 specialization ( i.e., SEO, PPC & Social Media) because of salary pay constrains


Academic Qualifications that matches to the Digital Marketing Course you opt for;

  • SEO Course (content + technical skills) can be opted by;
    1. BA graduates or Students
    2. MCA graduates
    3. Web Developers
    4. Mass Communication & Journalism
    5. Someone who wants to learn digital marketing step-by-step
    6. Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs
  • PPC Google AdWords Course (content + bidding + analysis) can be opted by
    1. B.Com or Students
    2. MBA (Marketing or Finance)
    3. Who is more interested in a Stock & Share market learning
    4. Someone who wants to learn digital marketing step-by-step
    5. Someone who is good in mathematics or analysis
    6. Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs
    7. Someone who is good with excel skills
  • Digital Marketing Course (brand building + all about SEO, PPC & Social Media)
    1. Start-Up or Entrepreneurs
    2. Experts who have learned one specialization of Digital Marketing & now want to explore the other 2 modules in Digital Marketing
    3. Web Developers or Designers
    4. Sales & Marketing Professionals
    5. Business Development Professionals
    6. Aspiring candidates who wants to take the complete Digital Marketing course

What is the minimum digital marketing course modules duration to complete either the specialization or complete seo/ppc/digital marketing certification?

  • For SEO Course, as per my experience min. of 2 months needed to best complete a training program. Many more can always be learned after getting through a company & working on live projects
  • For Pay Per Click Google AdWords Course, min. of 2 & 1/2 months needed to complete the best of Google AdWords & Bing AdCenter with Social Media Advertisement topics
  • For Digital Marketing Course, I’d say min. of 3 & 1/2 months needs to best complete the SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing with Email Marketing topic

So, if you don’t find this minimum duration mentioned by someone around the given courses, then there should be some sort of compromises being made, which you have to think or be clear around your given digital marketing career choices or requirement.


What to keep in mind while planning to join a Digital Marketing Institute in this expert level completion?

  1. Experienced Faculty who have good knowledge around theory & practical aspects of the digital marketing subject
  2. Faculties are Google AdWords certified & Inbound Marketing certified to confirm, they can deliver their subject with the best of simplicity & aggression
  3. How is Digital Marketing live projects assigned to every students, and expected results from students after working on those live projects?
  4. Minimum no. of students strength in a batch to provide 1-1 attention so that the students learning challenges are well taken care during the course completion
  5. 360 Degree approach to analyze students understanding & progress
    • Communication evaluation & guidance
    • Understanding of the topic concepts evaluation & guidance
    • Class attendance evaluation & guidance
    • Avail to share new ideas or initiatives evaluation & guidance
    • Maintaining Blogs regularly evaluation & guidance
    • Assignment Performance evaluation & guidance
    • Presentation skill evaluation & guidance
    • Questioning & Answering capacity evaluation & guidance
    • Excel Training evaluation & guidance
    • Resume Preparation check & guidance
    • Digital Marketing certification evaluation & guidance
    • Job Interview guidance
    • Project dedication & delivery

A video from www.sas.com on Digital Marketing;

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