Why Bing Ads for Paid Search?


Bing AdCenter for Paid Search


Whenever we need to implement the digital marketing strategy on Paid Search we should consider Bing AdCenter even though Google maintaining a 70% search market share

Here are the reasons why digital marketers should use Bing for paid search.

  1. Bing AdCenter has a much bigger market share: With a single Bing ad buy, you can reach 162 million unique searchers using Microsoft and Yahoo sites (including Yahoo Search, Bing, and partners), which account for 30% of total search engine share. Bing search share percentage rising fast over the period of time.
  2. Bing AdCenter Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Costs Less: Bids on Bing tend to be lower, and the competition for the keyword is lower. Bing ads provide better ad positions that their Google counterparts & had higher CTR’s
  3. Bing’s Ad Platform Results Are Similar to Google’s:
    • Test on GoogleAdwords first. The search volume will help you optimize.
    • When satisfied with the results, post campaigns & keywords over to Bing.
    • Bing actually encourages this by making it easy to import your Google campaign directly into Bing.
  4. Bing AdCenter offers more control at the campaign & ad group levels: In Adwords(PPC), Google makes you set your network, location, ad scheduling, language, and ad rotation settings at the campaign level and ad groups are restricted to their campaign-level settings. Bing Ads, however, opens these options up at the ad group level, allowing you to quickly adjust a setting for a particular ad group without having to go through the hassle of creating a brand new campaign to make the change.
  5. Bing AdCenter has better device targeting options: At the moment Bing advertisers can still exclude desktop and tablet traffic from their campaigns. Sophisticated advertisers can even target mobile devices using select operating systems:
  6. Bing AdCenter doesn’t force close variants on you: Bing AdCenter does have the option to include close variant queries as matches, it remains just that: an option. Advertisers can easily opt in or out of close variant matching at the campaign or ad group level.
  7. Bing AdCenter has better social extensions: Bing Shows the number of Twitter followers an advertiser has next to their ad. Meanwhile, on Google, their social extensions show your Google+ followers, but no many use Google+
  8. Bing’s AdCenter Platform Results Are Similar to Google Adwords:
    • Test on Google Adwords first. The search volume will help you optimize
    • When satisfied with the results, post campaigns & keywords over to Bing
    • Bing actually encourages this by making it easy to import your Google campaign directly into Bing
  9. Bing AdCenter may lead to better sales & conversions: Local, travel, shopping, and health-related searches account for 30-40% of total search queries. Sessions in these four areas on Bing are often longer and more complex, so Bing might be worth exploring if you run a business in one of these verticals
  10. Bing AdCenter has better target options: In Google, you can use Google only or Google and search partners. Bing Ads, on the other hand, allows you to target search partners only
  11. Bing Ads allows you to control search demographics: Probably the most innovative and underused offering from Bing Ads is the ability to control which gender and age demographics see your search ads. Demographic targeting can be controlled at either the campaign or ad group level within Bing Ads.
  12. Better Reporting Tools: One of the hidden gems of search marketing is the Bing Ads Intelligence Tool. It gives you insane data. If you wanted to know, for any keyword by any position, we’ll give you the number of clicks, impressions, CPCs, click-through rates, for whatever period of time you want from the last three months.
  13. Bing Ads is more forgiving than AdWords (PPC): Problems with keyword relevance can be a major red flag, no matter how well-structured the rest of the account may be or how intuitive the user experience is. Fortunately, Bing Ads’ match types can be more forgiving. There will be a red flag: for landing page relevance specifically if there is a problem on Exact match keywords. On Broad and Phrase match, your keyword relevance scores can be a little bit lower in Bing Ads

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