10 Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business – Free Workshop!!

As per the recent trend in Social Media Industry, Instagram is one of one the booming network media platform among all millennials. According to Omnicore. a social media survey site, the total number of Instagram daily users until December was almost 800 million and 25 million Business are active on Instagram.

Keeping in view of the above stats, it is very important for Freshers and everybody involved in digital marketing knows that Social Media is a boon for the digital marketing professional the various tips and techniques of Instagram marketing which can help them to add unique skills and grow.

We are very excited to announce one-day Instagram Marketing free workshop at our internet marketing academy, eMarketeducation to grow business.

In this workshop, you will learn Instagram 10 key marketing strategies to grow both audiences as well as the business. If you are just getting started Instagram to grow your business, this is the best workshop for you! In This free workshop, we will cover the following:

What you will learn from Instagram Marketing Event:

  1. How does Instagram function for business?
  2. How would I set up an Instagram business profile?
  3. How would I make Instagram lead advertisements?
  4. How would I make Instagram Storie’s promotions?
  5. What instruments would I be able to use to make Instagram advertisements?
  6. What are some free Instagram examination devices?
  7. How would I know which hashtags reverberate best with my intended interest group?
  8. How would I go live on Instagram?
  9. How would I add a connection to an Instagram story?
  10. Would I be able to utilize stories from my Instagram business profile?

Who should attend the Instagram Marketing Workshop?

  1. Students interested in Social Media
  2. Social Media professionals
  3. Startup Founders
  4. E-Commerce Website owners
  5. Vloggers/Bloggers
  6. Marketing Professionals


Instagram marketing event

When is it?

March 24th 2018 | 10:30 AM – 1:30PM

Limited Seats, So Hurry Book Your Seat Now!!

Contact Details: 8095650950/7406255860

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