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Are you looking for the best online marketing training institute in Bangalore?

You are here, it means that you are particular, focused, and determined towards your digital marketing career. We look for the best in every channel of our daily activities from morning coffee to toffee (means of tasty). It is time to look for the best digital marketing center too.

You may be baffled by looking at many advertisements. Here are the best answers to your queries.

  • How to choose the best online marketing institute?
  • How to get started with a digital marketing career?
  • Should you learn every channel of digital marketing?
  • Digital marketing certifications matter or not?

Confuse to Choose the right Digital Marketing Institute

Well, if you have these kinds of questions and want to have a proper answer, then you have come to the right place. I am here writing this article to help all those aspirants who want to learn digital marketing. I can bet you guys, you won’t be having any difficulty over finalizing your online marketing course and training institute after reading this.

If you don’t have much time to read all the information, jump to the checklist. Don’t forget that every line is important in this post.

 Set Goals:

It is very important for any individual to have a clear goal before you do an online marketing course. Without having a clear picture in mind there is no point in joining an institute.

Digital Marketing Career Goals

So what all things you should be having in your mind?

You should set goals goal in your mind, like

  • Get a digital marketing job
  • Start a digital marketing career
  • Internet money-making opportunity
  • To look after your family business


 What to learn in Digital Marketing?

Now, this is a very important guy.

You might come to the conclusion of joining digital marketing by-

  • The scope of a career in digital marketing is huge
  • My life interests are very much similar to that of a digital marketer,
  • Earn extra money through internet marketing
  • Promote your own business through online channels

These may be a few reasons for you to opt for an online marketing course.

But my question is – Is it necessary for you to learn complete aspects of digital marketing?

What to learn in Digital Marketing

For eg: If you are a fresher and decided to have a career in digital marketing. Is it mandatory for you to learn complete digital marketing techniques?

Well, in my opinion, I would suggest you should understand your interest and decide on which online marketing course you want to pursue.

Ok, let me make it easy for you guys, following are my choices in their order of ranking –

  • Google SEO Training Course
  • Google Ads PPC Training Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course
  • Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Email Marketing Course


These are the five major online marketing courses that are trending in the market. And it is totally up to you to decide whether you want to learn complete digital marketing programs or want to learn any specialization courses.

Try to understand each and every single digital marketing subject and based on your interest and budget you can decide what to learn first. You will get a job if you can expertise in any of the above courses in online marketing.

And trust me guys as a digital marketing expert, we know some of the students don’t have to learn a complete course or they can’t afford to do a complete online marketing course. Those students used to do a specialization course in SEO or Google Ads PPC or SMM and we make sure that they are placed in good digital marketing agencies right after the completion of the course.

But believe in my words, I have seen a lot of students coming and completing other specializations after starting their career in digital marketing. The reason is simple, in the early stages of your career; you only need to have knowledge in one aspect of digital marketing. But as you grow, companies will be expecting much more from your professional skills. Even if you have specialized in SEO, it will be great if you know the subject of paid advertisements (Google PPC Ads) so that you could lead a digital marketing team successfully.

If you have the budget & time, you can do the complete course and start your career in digital marketing. But the best thing is to understand your core subject and concentrate on that first.


8 Checklist for the right Online Marketing Institute

  • Does your Online Marketing Institute have flexible batch timings?

  You have to see whether the institute is having class time where you are flexible to attend. If you are working professionally, normally you will be having time after your job hours. That is either the early morning & evening batch where you can attend digital marketing classes and go for the work as well or the weekend batch where the classes for digital marketing will be taken only on Saturday and Sundays.

Digital Marketing Classes

So it is very mandatory for you to check the timing of the classes and your availability for attending it


  • Digital Marketing Training Reviews

It is always best to understand the opinion of alumni. They will be having experience and can share it with you. But make sure you are seeking the opinion from 2-3 alumni students. Digital Marketing Training reviews from former students of that institute will help you to have an idea about the institute.

Digital Marketing Training Reviews

Go to Google reviews or Facebook reviews and try to find out some student’s profiles and ask them directly about the institute, their teaching style and more importantly, their current career status.

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  • Online Marketing Training Faculties

Make sure that you are trained by industry experts who have tons of experience so that along with the proper syllabus, they can share their career experience with you.

So do a proper review of faculties, so go through the Facebook page, YouTube page of the online marketing training institute and try to understand the way the faculties are training students.


  • Live Project Experience in Digital Marketing

Almost all the MBA program in marketing is adding digital marketing in their syllabus and still, But why students are not able to get a job in Digital marketing field with MBA in digital marketing?

You can’t just learn everything in theory.

You can learn and become an expert in digital marketing only if you have some practical exposure. Without practical experience in digital marketing tools and techniques, you won’t be able to start a project or able to crack digital marketing interviews.

Digital Marketing live projects

So make sure that the online marketing training institute which you are choosing is providing practical Live projects.

During these Live project sessions, you will be having a proper understanding of end to end online digital marketing project strategizing, implementing, optimizing, and reporting.


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  • Job Placement & Internship Opportunities

You have to check whether the online marketing institute is providing job placement and internships for their students. Try to check who all the recently placed students and where they are placed. And it will be best if you can get a contact number of those students and have a discussion with them.

Digital Marketing Job Placement

We have a reputation for providing placement for all the students who have completed the online marketing training program.


  • Classroom Facility to learn Digital Marketing

You need to make sure that the classroom is having all the basic facilities like the whiteboard, projector, chairs, Ac, etc.

Most importantly check the strength of the classroom. That is how many students will be there in one batch for the Digital marketing course. If the batch strength is more than 15 and all, the interaction between the trainer and students will be less. And it may affect the learning as well.

eMarket Education is having max to max 6 students in one batch and we make sure that all of our students get the best training program in digital marketing.


  • Digital Marketing Fees & Your Budget

As I have been seeing students for the past 5 years, I can tell one thing with our doubt. That is 80% of candidates who are looking to pursue an online marketing course will be concerned about fees.

Is it really worth to spend this much amount for learning this?

Are you worried about Digital Marketing Course Fees

They will be calculating the profit and loss! But you have to understand one thing, if you really want to gain something for your future, you should be investing properly today. You have to make sure you are investing your money in the right place and you are getting in returns for that.


  • Bank Loan for Online Marketing Course

Try to see whether the institute is providing any support for students in the online marketing course fee.   Like,

Students can pay the fee in installments

Bank Loan facility

Bank Loan for Digital Marketing Course

eMarket Education is providing students bank loans with 0% EMI.

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we tried to cover some of the important factors which can help you to finalize your institute for the digital marketing training course. To Know More Click Digital Marketing Certification Program Online in Bangalore with Placements