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To Make Your 2018 More Interesting, I am writing This Article to Tell You About  Most Popular SEO Tools of 2021. We all Know How important it is to Use These SEO Tools in Digital Marketing Field. It is Impossible to Get Any SEO Task Done Without the help of a Tool. These Tools Will Help You in SEO Website Analysis Do you Know How to Use These Amazing & Powerful SEO Tools? No, Then you are at a Right Place. These SEO Tools will Help you Save your Time, and in Today’s World, We Have to do SMART WORK & Not HARD WORK. Let’s Start With a List of Some Best SEO Tools of 2021.

 Top 4 SEO Tools for Digital Marketers

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Xenu
  • GT Metrix
  • Answer The Public


1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a Website Crawler, that allows you to Crawl Your Website, identify Common Errors & Issues. View URLs Blocked by Robots.txt. Discover Exact Duplicate URLs with an md5 Algorithmic Check, Partially Duplicated Elements Such as Page Titles, Descriptions or Headings and Find Low Content Pages. Find Temporary and Permanent Redirects. Collect any Data From the HTML of a Web Page Using CSS Path, XPath or Regex & Much More in the Screaming Frog Tool.

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Some of the New Features of this Tools are:-


  •  List Mode is Unlimited

Screaming Frog

You Can Upload 500 URLs and Crawl Them in One Go Without the Need to Buy Licence. Isn’t it Great? Obviously, it is.

  • Export Your Report

Top seo tools 2018

First, Type Your Website URL Which You Want to Crawl. Then After the Process is Finished, Export That Report and Save it in Your Laptop/PC.

  • Check Length of Titles & Description At Once

Best SEO Tools

It is Very Difficult to Check Length of Titles & Descriptions, as it is Time Consuming. So Here is an Awesome Screaming Frog Tool which Will Save your time & Helps you to Checks all the Titles & Descriptions of your Website Inside One Tool. You can See in the Above Image that All Page Titles of your Website which Exceed the Limit of Title, that is More Than 60 Characters.

  •  Edit Page Title & Meta Description Directly

We developed a SERP Snippet in the Lower Window Tab, which Allows you to Change  Page Titles and Meta Descriptions Directly in the Screaming Frog Tool.


Top Seo Tools of 2018

So you can Just Edit them Directly in the Tool and it will Update in the Interface.

SEO Tools By Google

2. Xenu or Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu’s Link Sleuth Checks Web Sites for Broken Links. Xenu Seo Tool is a highly valuable tool. Here are Some Awesome Features of This Tool:-

  •  Check Broken Links

    Broken Link Checker

Xenu Seo Tool


This Tool Checks Out All your Links & More. The Xenu Tool is Free to Download and Use. Just Type your Website URL and it connects to your Site and Starts Crawling your Site. It’s Easy to Use.

SEO Tools List 2018

It Helps you to Detect & Fix All the Broken Links of your Site.

  •  Identify your site Internal Duplicate Issues

    Online Broken Link Checker


  • Find Image Size to Optimize Your Page Load Time

Small SEO Tools Website Analysis

If your Site has any Large Size Images, You can Remove that Image or Replace Image with Small Size Image.

  •  Find the Status of your pages

seo tools You can find Out the Errors on your website and Fix Them.

  •  Find Images that Lack Alternative Text

Google SEO Tools 2018

3. GT Metrix

This Tool is very Easy to use. You Just Have to put your URL and it Shows Time Taken to Load Your website.   best seo tools The Results Shows the Browser and Location Used for Testing, PageSpeed and YSlow scores, Page Load Time, Number of Requests and Total Page Size. These are Great for Interpreting Trends, but if you want to Know why your Website is Slow, and/or What Can be Done to Fix Things, you’ll Need to Dig Deeper. Some Great Features of this Tool Are:-

  •  PageSpeed & YSlow

PageSpeed and YSlow Offer 2 Slightly Different Methodologies of Measuring How a Website’s Structure and Mechanics Change its Speed. The Effects of These Contain Their Own Tips for Making Stuff Faster — Such as Caching, Adding Expires Headers. The corresponding segments in GTMetrix each link to Information on the Topic — So you can Read More Deeply About it and Learn Exactly What to do to Implement Each Specific Speed Increasing Method Listed.

 4. Answer The Public


This is One of My Best Tool. Do You Know Why?? Because it Gives you 100s of Possible Combinations of your Keyword. You Just Have to go to & Type your Keyword & Then See the Magic.

Keyword Research Tool     Amazing Features Of this Tool:-

  • Keywords in Alphabetical Order

    Answer The Public


  • Keywords in Questions Form, Propositions Form

Keyword Suggestion Tool

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