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Have you heard the news about New Google Adwords Updates? Have you used the New Google Ads? No???

Then the wait is over. The New interface is now launched. Say Hello to Google Ads.

(That is the new name of the tool)


Google Adwords was launched on October 23, 2000. After a few years of updating in Google Adwords, Google announced a rebranding of Google Adwords to become Google Ads as of July 24 2018. Google Ads is an Online Advertising Service launched by Google. Where advertisers pay to advertise their Products & Services in different Search Engines for the Growth of their Business Online. AdWords provides services under a Pay Per Click (PPC) pricing model It came to action in the month of June 2018, Google derives 86% of its total revenues from advertising inventory through AdWords. When there is an update in any App or Features, you want to know about them. This year, Google has already unleashed some helpful updates in Google New Interface. Utilizing the latest feature can save you time and help you profit the most from your advertising efforts. If you want to learn more about these changes and updates in Google Ads, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s have a look at our Google Adwords Updates in New Interface

Here’s a list of the latest AdWords updates I am going to cover in this article:-

  • Overview
  • Recommendations
  • Promotion Extensions
  • Responsive Text Ads
  • Household Income Targeting Option


Let’s start with the first tab of Google Ads, that is “Overview Tab”.

Google Ads Overview

The overview gives you a brief information about your Campaign, Ad Groups & Keywords Performance. That is how your Keywords are performing?, Which Ad Copy is been shown most of the times?, Graph of changes in a Campaign performance, Shows you the Search Terms which are been typed by the audience, From which Device you are getting Clicks, impressions, conversions & much more, Day & Hour wise performance, and a Graph showing Overall cost, conversions, clicks, etc. Below are some pictures for your understanding.

Google Ads

In the above image, you can see the words which are been used, so that you can use these words in your Adcopy and it will trigger. The comparison of today’s and last week’s performance.

  New Google Adwords

In the picture given above, you can check which Adcopy is performing well. If any of your Adcopy is not performing well you can change the Ad copy.

Google Adwords updates

In the above picture, there is Device and Network Wise performance. This is the best feature of Google Ads. It shows, from which device you are getting more Clicks or Conversions or Impressions. By looking at this you can adjust your bid. For example, if your ads are costing more on desktop devices, you can bid less in comparison to Mobile Devices.

Google Ads Helpful Recommendations


Have you ever seen results of your Campaign in one page? No Then, there is a Recommendations Tab in Google Ads which gives you various suggestions that can be Optimized on your existing Campaign & implemented as soon as possible for better performance. Below are some images of Recommendations.

new adwords features 2018

It gives you some suggestions to increase your ads performance. For example, if your ad is not at the top page of google it suggests you increase your bid.

  ppc google adwords

You can see in the above image that the keyword “Sweden universities for mechanical engineering” is not getting triggered and not giving conversions. Try to add new keywords by referring to search terms. You can even show you ads without increasing your bid. There is an Adgroup which has no Keywords or Ads.

  PPC Google Adwords

Here is the overall Optimization Score for Search Campaigns. The recommendation is divided into different segments, Repairs, Bids & Adjustments, Keywords & Targeting, etc.

 Google Ads New Ad Extension


The Ad Extension which has been added to this Interface is “Promotion Extensions”. Have you ever used this? Go and Check this Awesome Feature NOW! The only way to use the new promotion extension is through the new UI. Promotion Extensions allows you to show and link to a particular offer in text ads. Here’s how it looks like in the new Interface:

  Ad Extensions

For example, you are running a shopping campaign, so you can mention discounts on the Ad copy. This Ad Extension is best for those companies who have products in bulk.

 Text Ads in Google Ads


Google added a new Text Ad to the interface that is “Responsive Text Ads” . This helps to expand the Text Ads. Earlier there were two Headlines, one Description & there was a limit of characters in Ads. If you select this option, you can add many Headlines and 4 Descriptions. Isn’t it cool? Have a look at it.

text ads

You can add as many as Headline you want. For example, you wrote 5 Headlines for your ad copy, if someone types something related to your headline than that Headline will be shown in Google. It shows your Ad more often.

  PPC Adcopy   adcopy

You can write 4 Descriptions in an Ad copy. Make the best use of “Responsive Ad Text” in Google Adwords to increase your ad copy performance.

Want to Write Compelling PPC Ad Copy?


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 Google Ads Household Target


Household income reporting and targeting option is now available in the Demographic Tab for Search Network Campaigns. In the old Google Ads Interface it was targeted via Location targeting but now it is removed. See the image below, so that it’s easy for you to understand. The household income is given in percentage and in different segments so it’s easy for you to check the highest number of clicks or conversions or cost incurred so that you adjust your bid accordingly. Bid adjustments can be set at the campaign level or Ad group level.

  google adwords settings


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