Cadbury Social Media Case Study

Sarah Lindley, Dairy Milk Brand Manager wanted the company’s marketing strategy to change and to make an impact in online marketing rather than usual TV and local promotions. At that point in time, Cadbury already had 1 million fans but the problem was only 16% of user viewed the content which the brand posted. So the main challenge for Sarah was to increase the engagement of the fans, to reach the friends of the fans and to a larger community of Facebook users. Sarah planned for a Social Media Campaign Strategy of Cadbury to increase the engagement.

Social Media Organic Posting Strategy

What makes a Good Social Media Marketing Campaign?

So with a brilliant thought, Sarah & Co team came up with an idea to test what content would better engage with fans and at last decided to build a giant “Facebook Like Thumbs up” which was made of 3 tonnes of dairy milk pieces and presented it live in a decorated studio with User Generated Content (UGC), banners and with a user interactive theme, where they invited a fan to grab a big piece of the chocolate thumbs up, which made social media user interaction real to the brand.

Dairy Milk motive behind this campaign was like saying, Thank You to the Fans” and to experiment, how much of engagement happened? It wasn’t just users sharing the content for which they also added surprise ads on their Facebook page to motivate fans. As a result of this, the Cadbury Social Media chocolate campaign gathered 350,000 active users’ involvement and gained an addition of more than 40,000 fans for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Also, the important thing was more than 34% of fans got engaged in the social media campaign which gave Cadbury’s company a bigger engaged community to target in the future.

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This Cadbury and Facebook campaign is an excellent example of the benefits of Social Media Marketing from which we can analyze that some creative ideas and experiments when perfectly blended with social media can lead to a big conversion for your business.

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