Internet, Mobile & Social Media Penetration in India

There has been enormous growth in the field of internet & technology in recent years as reported by the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IMAI). And as technology is growing simultaneously the habits of human beings are changing accordingly. This infographic data report will show you the growth of the internet, mobiles, and different social media, which humans are adopting quickly with the race of time.

The high graph line in the below report clearly indicates that a lot of people are spending more time being online either through PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Internet which means that the internet is growing popular among the Indian audience as compared to other behavior. So it is a good sign for Digital Marketing as more people are switching to online.

Media Consumption Behaviour
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Along with this, the types of mobile app engagement is playing a vital role in internet marketing.

Below is another report called “Top 25 Online Activity” which will give you a brief understanding of the different top searches used by Internet Users in India. After studying this report we can analyze the behavior of the user on the internet like what things do they require the internet for. Since Digital Marketing is all about being online, what could be a better option to choose after seeing this graph?

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Photo Courtesy: Google Images

This report explains the behavior of a user on the internet; for e.g., what most important things a user does or searches on the internet? Here we can find that the maximum number of people use the internet in order to stay in touch with their friends and also for educational purposes. Apart from this also people get involved in playing online, researching, buying products, etc. From this data, we can say that the coming days for Digital Marketing are very bright.

Reason for Using theInternet
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This report is in support of the different views that people have on the growing technology and the Internet. According to this report, 71% of people reach out to the internet in search of information. Apart from this, people also have different views in terms of this growing sector. So after analyzing this report & views related to Tech & Internet, definitely we can say that choosing Digital Market as a career would be a good option for anybody interested in the online World.

Views on Tech and Internet
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Here is a list of the top 10 sites globally that people surf a lot. Here the data shows, Google leads the race leaving behind YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and other websites. So we can say that definitely, Google will always be the most widely used website in today’s date.

Web Behaviours
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Here is another growth report of different search mediums whose demand has increased in the past years. As the data read, Google leads the search race with about 80% of its credit.

Website Behaviour
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The rising of the mobile industry in these 5 years has made a very big difference in many aspects of the electronic device sector. Currently, it is one of the highest consumable devices after Personal Computers in the Indian Market. Experts are predicting that there will be more growth in the mobile device industry in the coming years. As Mobile Marketing is also a part of Digital Marketing, seeing the growth in the mobile industry, the future days of mobile marketing seem to be golden.


Top Mobile Messaging Services;

Top Mobile Messaging Services
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Why mobile messaging is getting popularity among Indian youngsters?

Mobile Messaging Behaviour
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This report compares the performance of social media sites Facebook used globally, and in China.

Top 10 Social Networks
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Now if we check the data of different products that are purchased or researched online, then we can find that a maximum of 25% of people are looking online to purchase clothes.

Top 20 Products Purchased Online
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So from this highly calculated data report, we can conclude that the Internet, Mobile, and Social Media Internet are penetrating at a very fast pace and rapid growth. It is also making the future of the Online Marketing Industry very bright and digital growth in India. Since the majority of people are using the internet for their needs which in return is creating Digital Marketing growth in India.

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