Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions

A recent survey suggests that India’s digital advertising industry is standing today at approximately 33.5%. The market value of the industry is estimated close to INR 255 Billion and upwards. This makes India the largest digital marketing market globally with room for further expansion in the coming years. With the growing digitization impact on modern marketing techniques, it can be safe to assume that digital marketing is the business sector’s future. As digital marketing becomes more prominent, one can only wonder how the job placement scenario plays out in the future? Definitely, with the rising job prospects after COVID, there would definitely be a need for intelligent and creative individuals.

Digital Marketing is a vast field with many different areas of specialized roles such as Social Media Analyst, Content Writer, PPC & SEO Specialist, etc. So, according to the company and job profile you apply for, your digital marketing interview will seek to identify your skillset.

For securing a Digital Marketing Job Placement, the applicant must be well-versed with technical know-how, theoretical understanding, and good hands-on practical experience. Most companies today ask extremely particular and specific digital marketing SEO Interview Questions & PPC google ads Interview Questions, which aim to highlight the candidates’ creativity, skill, and technical knowledge.

The scope for Digital Marketing Job Placement in India is definitely going to be very good by 2021. Said this, most candidates should prepare well at this moment to have quality job placements. Hence, many of the Marketing Courses in Bangalore run simulated interviews or “mock interviews” to prepare students better. Since most candidates are unsure what to expect in such an interview, the following basic frequently asked digital marketing job questions shouldn’t be ignored apart from specific questions;

Here are a few essential or fundamental FAQs relating to Digital Marketing Interviews?

Most questions asked in a personal interview range from technically specific to generically personal. To be better prepared for such questions, the following list of fundamental questions should also be prepared well;

Question 1 – According to You, What is Digital Marketing? Why do you wish to pursue a career in this field?

The answer to such questions can not be feigned. You must know a little about the company and the profile or the nature of the work you are supposed to do. Accordingly, you have to be genuinely excited about your application and your profile. You must elucidate the reasons as to what excites you about digital marketing and correlate it to your qualities and skills. For example, Digital marketing is a complex and challenging marketing technique, and you are a great problem solver. You will also have to expound on Digital Marketing aspects that interest you the most and the challenges you are looking forward to. Accordingly, some of the answers can be –

  1. You have an interest in both marketing and technology. Thus, Digital Marketing bestows a unique prospect to chase both.
  2. Digital marketing has great opportunities for a lucrative career path, today and in the near future as well.
  3. You enjoy a career that has a certain multifaceted versatility to it. Since digital marketing is constantly evolving every day, it allows you to enjoy a dynamic career.

Question 2 – Which digital marketing tools are the most efficient and have the most utility in Digital Marketing?

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of Digital Marketing knows about common tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics & Search Console, etc. The interviewer aims to understand the depth of your knowledge. You must state a few tools that you are most well versed in by end of your course completion. Your answer must include a concise introduction to the tool and its utility. For example, your answer could be Google Analytics, SEMRush, Ahrefs, ScreamingFrog, or other social media tools like Canva. Accordingly, you will have to be prepared to answer the key features and the practical utility of any of these tools. These questions are also asked in advanced level interviews, so it is better to be prepared about some industrial tools and learn their usages from professionals.

Question 3 – Why and How is online marketing more advantageous to a company than offline marketing?

These types of questions are aimed to check your awareness level. Any of the Marketing Courses Online can tell you the merits and demerits of online marketing. However, it is up to you and your understanding of the subject matter that enables a deeper understanding of the course and its comparative benefits to other marketing channels. Before the interview, you must be thorough with whatever you have learned, and you should be well researched. Such questions aim to identify, how the candidate can analyze and identify the modus of working in digital marketing. These questions are also aimed to evaluate your critical reasoning and practical thinking levels.

Furthermore, it is always better to give out personalized and well-researched reasons than cliched ones. It helps the interviewer in learning about your subjective opinions and assesses your individuality on the whole. Typical answers to such questions could be –

  1. The typical changes and constant developments happening in the Industry
  2. The ease of wider reachability through social platforms
  3. How to reach is targeted, and maximized but without additional overbearing costs
  4. How businesses can benefit and grow by analyzing current performances and past trends?

Question 4 – How do You think we can grow our current business in the wake of digital marketing? What strategy can you suggest for improvement in the future?

The most important thing to remember while answering such a question is not to quickly spill out a plan. It is advisable to gain some more details and understand certain finer nuances better. Before formulating a strategy, you must identify through a SWOT analysis the possible competitors and opportunities. Most of the time, these are made-or-break questions as a smart strategy can almost confirm your position. So you must take considerable time, seek details and clarity from your interviewer and not be hasty.

Job placement interviews in digital marketing are unlike the industry in general. Recruiters are often on the lookout to assess soft skills and technical expertise in candidates. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your strengths are noticeable to the recruiter, and that his questions are answered confidently. For the best Digital Marketing Training, you can find more info on eMarket Education site.