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Reddit Guide on, How to Rank top in Google?

  • What is the Reddit Platform?
  • How Can we submit a link on it?
  • How is the score determined in the Reddit Platform?
  • I made a mistake in Title, how can I edit it?
  • What is Karma?
  • What are Subreddits?

I will cover all the questions that will help you understand SEO Reddit or How to Rank Reddit Article?

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What is Reddit?

Reddit is an extremely powerful and most popular social site on the internet today. It allows you to share your content, images, links and much more. As Reddit is a famous site it is crawled by Google thousand times a day. So anything which is posted on Reddit is quickly crawled and indexed fast within seconds.

Can we submit a link on Reddit?

Yes, you can submit a link on Reddit. All you need is an account.

How is the Reddit Score determined?

Reddit Score is nothing but the number of upvotes minus number of downvotes.

I made a mistake in Reddit Title, how can I edit it?

Once a submission is made you cannot edit its title. You need to delete it or resubmit it.

What is Reddit Karma?

The number next to a username is called user’s Karma. It shows how much good a user has done for the Reddit Community. The best way to gain Karma points is to submit links on Reddit which other people like and vote.

What are Subreddits?

Reddit is made up of thousands of subreddits or sub-communities. Each community is focused on a precise topic.

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Best Practices to Rank your Reddit Article on 1st Page of Google:-

  1. Create a profile – Creating a proper profile in link building sites is very much important. As it will reflect your business profile to the viewers and visitors.
  2. Subscribe to subreddits – Next thing is to subscribe and follow all the subreddits which are relevant to your business. So that you can post your article there.
  3. Unique Article – Your article should be unique and precise.
  4. Keywords in Title – Make use your top performing keywords in the title, so that it is easy for you to rank on Google.
  5. Description – In the description, you can write about your business in brief. It works like meta description, so be unique and creative.
  6. URL – Put your website’s URL in your post so that people click on it and it directs them to your website. Give external links in your post.
  7. Good Images – Use good images in your post which attracts people. Make us of infographics images.
  8. Share – Share your Reddit post in different social media sites. It helps you increase traffic and engagement to your website.
  9. Engage – Try to engage with others on Reddit and comment on other people’s post and help them.
  10. Competition – Create synonyms based articles to be unique and aiming for low competition.


So by following these steps, you can achieve your goal of Ranking your Reddit Article in the first page of Google and increasing website’s traffic.

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Link Building plays a major role in Google Ranking Factors. Reddit is used for SEO Ranking and increasing traffic to your sites. Links from other websites as well as links within your own sites are very much important to SEO because there is a direct relation between the quality and the number of links to your site. Link Building strategies should always be aimed to bring a new audience to your website.

More links to your website  = More search traffic to your site = More customers.


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