Benefits of Social Media for Students

Social Media Marketing is a collection of websites and applications that enable communicators i.e., the users to generate and share content, interact with users, collect information from social networking websites.

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Today the Internet is the gateway to limitless information about future, past, and present. It is that podium where information is poured out from all the possible mediums and source, the feeds include everything. Social Media is a medium where people express themselves openly, with or without their true identity, and the content they pour out is enormous. Now, here we are trying to project only the pros of social media in students. Let’s hit it off with the eminent social media marketing platforms.

Important Social Media Platforms for Students Benefits:

    • Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites in the world. It helps people connect with families and friends, Upload pictures and videos, chat and form groups with people who share the same interest irrespective of gender, creed or nationality. Now, this helps in the outpour of ideas and views that could be beyond your comprehension. Students, in particular, get more ideas and inputs very easily, a notch higher than what they would have got using hard copies of books from the libraries and it’s absolutely free. Together with Instagram, they are major social media giants in the industry.


    • Twitter is a free microblogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called Tweets. Again a boon for students as they can follow the tweets and absorb ideas and utilize them to the fullest. Twitter adds more creative writing practice to its users than any other Social Media network.


    • Wikipedia: Wikipedia was founded in January of 2001. Wikipedian’s is a community formed by a group of people who collaborate online content to form an encyclopedia, which is also free to use. Every student involved in a project of any kind would definitely refer to Wikipedia at least once to get information. The kind of information provided by Wikipedia would definitely stun you for a while.


    • LinkedIn is a social networking site that helps professionals connect with each other. It’s a fabulous platform to connect with individuals and share your professional details with trust and extend the network, approach and reach out to Corporates depending on your requirement. Especially students can benefit by making themselves approachable and in turn, LinkedIn helps them find the job of their choice with the right kind of network.


  • Pinterest again is a social media site that focuses on images with a brief description. Students can benefit from it by clicking on the picture of their choice and land on a page with a detailed description of it. For example, if you want to know about the architecture of Hampi, you just have to click on the picture, which would navigate you to a page with all the information regarding Hampi.

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Advantages of Social Media Marketing Use in Education for Schools & Colleges

Social Media has become the most prominent platform of students to interact, exchange ideas, debate, pour out ideas in the most personalized way, raise awareness, put up queries and be assured to get the most relevant answers, so on and so forth. But pouring out all your ideas into one group would just create chaos and looking out for the relevant information could get a little difficult.

Let’s try to segregate ideas so as to make the optimum use of social media to the benefit of students. The first and foremost thing to be done is the segregation of the courses. COMMUNITY: Each course should be converted into a community.

Here’s an example of social media community names Digital Marketing 360 Degree. And every grade in the given course should be categorized into groups, so as to enhance the outpour of ideas and for the betterment of group discussions and debates on a topic relevant to the group or to the entire community as such.

Also, include professors and mentors for their inputs. So the students, who are not very verbal in class could definitely use this platform more effectively to get their doubts cleared. While at the same time keeping in mind that these conversations are not just limited to students from one school but it would also benefit kids from all over the world.

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Keep the use of Social Media going on:

It’s very obvious that students would miss lectures session sessions & Use technology to rescue them from their misery. Record all the lectures and upload them to a different platform that could be assessed by students and professionals alike.

  • Use Google Hangouts for group study sessions
  • Follow authors of books and shoot out queries, you never know they might just be there and would take time to answer you
  • Use Dropbox to share information
  • Use Youtube videos for the visual display of experiments

The list of best practices can go on with the Internet being upgraded every day. Social media is definitely one of the best ways to share information as well as the best platform to absorb them as well. It lays a fine foundation for tech-savvy students who find it more comfortable to learn and also to share information on social media, using a new way of communication away from books and libraries.

Its interaction of a kind with strangers who give out information in the most extensive and easiest way as possible and not only that the interaction takes place through a web presence and personal meeting is not required which makes it safer and more informative. It has been noticed that the ability of the students interact using social media helps develop a sense of internet presence and helps them interact with the people on the internet in a very mature way.

Not only that Social Media users send and receive information day in and day out, and absorbing as much as is required becomes more important. And the kids develop the ability to access, analyze, share and absorb information.

Taking Social Media Classrooms Everywhere

In today’s virtual world, which has gone totally digital, a student’s physical presence is not a necessity. In the case of ill health or certain unavoidable circumstances, if the student is not able to attend the class, the internet is always there for your service. The students can view the recorded version of the lecture or attend the lecture virtually in real-time. The educational field has changed and transformed drastically with the entry of the internet, opening up opportunities for students and teachers alike all over the world.

Social media has whipped up active and collaborative learning, Opening up opportunities and gates of communication between administrators and teachers.


The following are the popular social networking companies that have effective educational benefits: (taken from the Internet)

Edmodo is the largest social media marketing company used mainly for educational purposes. As per the survey, more than 13 million people are using this website effectively. Edmodo provides greater security for all its users.

If an institution is using this website, then the institute will get a security code from this website. Hence, the institute can share the code with the people whomever it wants to access the website. This is how the website provides greater security to its users. Edmodo encourages other activities such as posting assignments, conducting surveys and sharing images and videos.

Teaching conversational English is the main objective of the English Baby website. The analysis showed that nearly 1.5 million people across the globe are using this Social Media Marketing Company’s website.

This website is very famous among the Chinese people still the website is also used by Americans, Japanese, Indians, Egyptians, etc. However, only the premium users get the right to access this website.

Livemocha is a Social Media Marketing Company used to teach various languages to website users. As per the analysis, nearly 1.2 million people around the world are using this website. The website consists of a collection of course material available in more than 38 different languages. The users of this website can perform activities such as posting content and reviewing content.

ACADMIA.EDU: is a science-related Social Media Marketing Company built especially for scientists and the respective college students. As per the study, more than 1.9 million people are using the website all over the world. It is a platform mainly for academic researchers and aficionados to share research materials and research papers to other website users. Using this website, the users can able to share their research papers with other users in the same field, have contact with experts in the field and get their help in a research

The website also shows the number of people who accessed the papers and their reviews to the users who post their research papers.

Epernicus is another Social Media Marketing Company that focuses on the social networking aspect built mainly for scientists and researchers. Unlike, it doesn’t allow users to share their research papers and materials. It allows users to post questions and get suitable answers from recognized experts. The users of the website can participate on any topic related to science and research and hence the website is quite informative for its users.

Course Cracker is a Social Media company that enables students, teachers, and parents to connect with each other resulting in the refinement of the learning process. The main objective of this site is to improve the educational experience of users by using the latest web applications and web tools. This website allows the users to post their course material, quizzes, assignments and other sources related to education and also give them permission to access the posted content.

Social media company circle network is one of the latest editions of the club of social networking sites consists of different course materials in the field of science, business, engineering, computing, and humanities. The website consists of nearly 10,400 intellectual courses, targeting mainly students and teachers.

The main focus of this website is on web applications and online tools. Thus, it facilitates education to its users, such as students, teachers, and universities, through the Internet. This website allows users who have similar interests to interact with each other without any discrepancies.

This website mainly concentrates on biology students, tutors and researchers all over the globe. This website acts as a great source of the latest happenings and development in biology, generally built on the Ning platform.

It is another website built on the Ning platform, focuses on physics and chemistry students, teachers and researchers. Teachers can able to distribute their study materials and learning approaches on this website. The website also acts as a great platform for sharing and asking questions about new ideas.

Learn Social Media Marketing; Benefits for Students Education

Social media is definitely one of the major venues for students and teachers alike to share information and interact with the entire world, in turn, collaborating information from different people from around the world.   In the field of Digital Marketing, Social Media, the channel has seen the fastest boom compared to other channels, and no doubt this particular factor has forced many companies to go social & be active in Social Media Platforms. Based on our experience as a Digital Marketing Institute & Agency, we have seen the demand for the channel grow both in terms of Social Media courses for training or companies looking for Social Media talents to leverage the available potential.

So if you are looking to kick-start your Digital Marketing Career, then start it from Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Marketing & with time shift to other channels. Social Media Marketing jobs with the opening for the role of an analyst or an executive are in plenty at the moment in the market. With the number of websites worldwide increasing day by day & the number of active Social Media users also increasing it’s the right time to make a changeover. so

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The Bottom Line:

Social media is important to ensure successful internet marketing because that is where the people are. Each social media network site has its own audience that can easily be converted into your potential customers by an efficient marketer. This intelligence is gained by learning and the best place to learn today is the Facebook Marketing Course which will equip you with the ability to become more than your job description and expose your career path to a wider variety of roles.

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