Top SEO Skills & Tools

What are the skills & tools required to be good in SEO Technical & Website Development and coding apart from the subject knowledge?

SEO/ Digital Marketing person should have a diverse skill, even though there are more than meets the eye, but there are few things we need to keep in mind while choosing them across.

Below mentioned are a few of the topmost which I have come across.

Critical Thinking – This the topmost priority as everything depends on how you see the objective of the requirement. It’s all based on 3W’s (WHAT, WHY, WHEN), As you understand the subject you will get more clarity

Speaking & Writing Ability – Do your own research about the content, Be the author for the subject

Technical & Programming Skills – Always recommend on Page Speed, Robots.txt, Sitemaps, Site Rendering, Lazy Loading, Server-side redirects, Microdata, Schema, and basic HTML Tags.

Social & Drinking Skills – Love to hear about exciting things in the industry you work you’ve seen or done, then move out of your cubicle start networking with your colleagues, people in the industry, check the sessions offline meet them, attend the webinars and start following the people who you love with.

Analytical Skills – Understand the requirements of KPI which is mostly required for proper SEO Strategy

Excel Skills Get inside the Data to look at what’s wrong & what’s right you need to know about (VLOOKUP’s, WILDCARDS, COUNTIF, LEN, Text to Columns, Concatenation, FIND) and more.

You need to know where the data has gone wrong & the steps have to be taken to rework to its previous stages.

Motivation & Adaptability – You always need to keep yourself updated on the toes & there’s always something to learn.

Security – HTTPS, Website Security is becoming increasingly important.

Stubborn Jackass – Be stubborn don’t lose yourself if you are getting failed try again & make sure that when others can do it then why can’t I can succeed.

Tools – Screaming Frog, SEMrush,, WooRank, Similar Web, Spyfu are the major tools that we can look into.

The Bottom Line:

By taking SEO training in Bangalore, you’ll be able to grasp a deeper understanding of what SEO is all about and how a search engine works. A course on SEO will definitely guide you exactly what you need to learn to optimize the website and provide you with insight into how to be creative in the overall process and keep the optimization effort moving ahead for the future of your journey to becoming a professional SEO Specialist. 🙂