Advantages of Yoast SEO Plugin

Are you struggling to increase website traffic? Need some help to your SEO?  Need an SEO plugin for WordPress? Then this is the most important SEO plugin you should use on your WordPress. It will improve your SEO and helps to get huge traffic to your website.

So, what is that? Best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Here we present you the most downloaded and rated SEO plugin “Yoast SEO plugin”

What is the Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO plugin is the most favourite tool for millions of SEO people; it has more than 1 million active installs. It helps to optimize your website for the search engine, with its content analysis feature it helps you to understand readability difficulty, keyword density, title, meta description, targeted keywords, and much more. With Yoast SEO, you will have one of the best SEO weapons to our basket.

How does the Yoast SEO Plugin help Blogging?

SEO Analysis:

Yes, with Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily get some basic SEO analysis while writing content for your blog. It will suggest to

SEO analysis given by Yoast SEO plugin

  • Set a focus keyword.
  • Optimal Length of the title.
  • Ensures that post contains a minimum of 300 words.
  • The density of the focus keyword.
  • Check your focus keyword presented in the first paragraph.
  •  Focus keyword present in meta title and meta description.
  • Makes sure a paragraph length not to exceed more than 300 words.
  • Makes sure whether the focus keyword was used in the previous post.
  • Makes sure images ALT text contain focus keyword.
  • Makes sure about nofollow outbound links and internal links.
  • Makes sure the focus keyword present in URL of the post.

Search Engine Snippet Preview:

Snippet review given by Yoast SEO plugin

Snippet review feature is one of the best of its feature, it will show a preview of your Meta title tag, Meta description and URL of your post as shown in search engine results page.

Edit snippet option gives access to write Meta title and Meta description of the post. It will show both mobile version and desktop version of Meta tags.

This helps you to must follow the Google ranking factors, which leads to getting more traffic and ranking on search engine.

Content Readability Review:

Readability feature suggestion to improve the content

The search engine has so many parameters to give rank to a post, one of them is content quality.  Yoast SEO plugin assists you to improve content quality, by suggesting.

  • How many words should be in a paragraph
  • Percentage of transition word should maintain in a post
  • Reading level of a post
  • Usage of passive voice in a post.

Using transition words in content improves the text readability. They send signals to the reader that some related sentences are coming up in the next sentence.

Usage of more passive voice in a content leads to confusion to a reader. Yoast SEO signals you the percentage of passive voice in your content.

Meta Robots and Canonical URL configuration:

when we talk about Meta robot tags and canonical tag. There are three robot tags, and they are NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW and NOARCHIVE. It is a bit of technical SEO.

Here we discuss NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW tags;

  • NOINDEX tag tells search engine bots not to index a specific page. With this signal search engine prevents this page from appearing in search engine results.


<meta name =”robots” content=”noindex”>

  • NOFOLLOW tag tells search engine bots not to follow the links on a specific page. If a link came from a website, but the Meta robot attribute is NOFOLLOW than no link juice will flow from that domain to your page.


<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>


A canonical tag is a way of telling the Search engine that this specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using of rel=canonical tag helps not to get penalized by search engines on the charge of duplicity.

Cornerstone content:

Option to make post as cornerstone

Cornerstone content can represent as the most important articles of all the posts that should not be missed by the audience of a website. These are the articles you would rank high in search engine.

These are the articles reflects your business mission, blended with high-quality content and your potential keywords you would like to rank.

Cornerstone articles are very long, covering everything about a certain topic. Every time you wrote an article, think about the similar posts you have written and linked it to that post.

Yoast SEO premium has an internal linking feature, which helps you to link the most related articles to that post.

Yoast SEO XML Sitemap generation:

XML sitemap generated by Yoast SEO

Sitemaps are roadmaps with packed URLs to make search engine quickly find and crawl. Sitemaps allow search engines to find all of your important web pages to index, without missing.  The XML sitemap allows you to specify additional information about each URL such as:

  • When it was last updated
  • How often the site changes
  • How important the page is in relation to other pages on the site

Having this information within one document helps the search engine understand your website and crawl it more easily.

Every website should have a sitemap for better crawling of search engines, it helps to index your most important pages and rank your website.

Yoast SEO plugin helps to generate sitemaps automatically to your website. You can customize posts from not appearing in sitemap with this plugin.

Social share option:

Meta tags optimization option for social platforms s

Yes, The SEO optimization we perform to get traffic is limited to the search engine, but nowadays Social media become more popular. So our post should have eye-catching images, titles and descriptions for social platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are widely using platforms, we should engage on social media platforms to drive more traffic to a website. If you don’t fill out anything on the given blanks of the social share feature, it will automatically take your SEO title, description and description.

With Yoast SEO plugin, you can customize the post title, description and image for better audience engagement on the social platform.

Search console:

Search console feature to link to webmaster

Now finding crawl errors of a website become very easy with Yoast SEO search console feature. Just by connecting Google search console with WordPress Yoast SEO plugin you can manage crawl errors of the website.

It is very easy to use on the WordPress website; you can get the information directly from the search console with this plugin. You can monitor the website crawl errors directly on the Yoast dashboard and also you can resolve the issues from the dashboard.

This plugin helps you, to get the information about the URL, last crawl details and problem occurred date of the page. Resolving these errors will definitely boost website traffic and rank high in SERPs.

Advanced Tools:

Advanced tools option to edit bulk posts and htaccess file

Tools is another best feature in this plugin, it has three built-in options “Bulk Editor, “File Editor: and “Import and Export”.

Bulk editor is the best feature in this Yoast SEO plugin; we can edit SEO titles of all the posts easily at a time.  We won’t use this option on a regular basis. If you need to make changes to several titles or descriptions at a time, you can use it to bring up a list of all your posts and make the changes at once.

Import and export your SEO settings from other tools

File editor is another feature in this tool; it allows making changes on “robots.txt” and “.htaccess file”. Import and export is the last feature in this tool, it helps you backup all your preferred SEO plugin settings; allow to export this setting to other website and import settings from other SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO and Readability review:

SEO and redability review given Yoast SEO plugin

Last but not least, you should be seeing a column at last on posts tab.  There you can see some traffic signals like dots of SEO. There are three scoring dots as same as the traffic signal. Check these dots on every page or post and optimize them.

Let see, one by one:

  • Red: This dot indicates that there are so many problems should be fixed.
  • Orange: This dot indicates there are some factors, which needs improvement.
  • Green: This dot indicates the post or page is good.

The Bottom Line:

Learn more about important features of the Yoast SEO plugin, Upgrade to Yoast SEO premium to unleash a few more best features. Join  Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course to upgrade your skills and hands on experience on Yoast tools.

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