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Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California. The Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is one of the most leading social media website and becoming the vital platform for marketing. Worldwide, there are more than 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users (Source: Facebook MAUs)

In this blog, we are trying to solve Facebook related Queries;
facebook Question & answers

Q1 – How can I get peoples passwords for Facebook?

Getting peoples password for Facebook is usually a kind of “Hacking” process until some close friend or relative get really stuck in with the problem of accessing their account. Here are few methods by which you can crack peoples Facebook password, let’s find it out:

  • Password Resetting Process:

This is basically one of the common process to get a password for a Facebook account but the only thing required in this process is to know the Facebook login email id of the concerned person whose Facebook account is to be cracked. In case you don’t know the email id, you can find it in the Facebook contact info section.

Now click on the option called “Forgotten your password?” and type the email id of the concerned person which will direct you to confirm for “This is my account” option. Now Facebook will ask you to reset the password via the concerned email id, for which you have to select the option called “No longer have access to these?”

After this Facebook will pop up with a message saying “How can we reach you?” and you just have to enter a new email id which is not linked to any other Facebook account in any way.

The last step include answering a question asked by Facebook, in case you don’t the answer click on “Recover your account with help from friends” which gives you an option to choose between 3 – 5 friends tagged with you on Facebook. So here you can also create different fake Facebook accounts or take help of any close associate to give back the password.

  •  Keylogger Method:

Basically keylogger is a software program which can record and capture all the strokes or clicks happened on a particular keyboard. You can either get the keylogger software from downloading free or by paying. Well the best thing is Keylogger comes with 2 options, one in software programming mode & other in hardware programming which means an USB device with already software installed in it.

                                                     passwords for facebook accounts

This is perhaps one of the easiest way to capture any data on the system. Once the software is installed manually in the computer of the person whose password is required, it automatically grabs all the button strokes or clicks happened on the keyboard from the moment the computer is switched on and also gives you the option of downloading. The software gives you the benefit of doing its job without being tracked and sending all the details through email.

  •  Phishing Method:

This is one of the most difficult and most used way to get peoples password from Facebook. In Phishing method the hacker usually creates a fake or duplicate login page of a website login and send it to users for logging in via email, chat, text message or even a link on any website. In this case if the user log in to the fake page then all the details like login credentials and info will be received by you instead of the website. Usually user finds this method very difficult because it requires you to create a hosting account and also a duplicate login page.

facebook accounts

  • Cookies Method:

Some other methods of obtaining peoples password is through accessing to their browser cookies. Usually cookies allow a website to store information on a user’s hard drive and later retrieve it. Basically cookies don’t let you to get the passwords, but the hacker can still visit the victim’s account by duplicating the cookies, forcing Facebook to think the hacker’s browser is already authenticated.


Q2. How to see who views your Facebook profile on 3 steps? Or How to see who views your Facebook profile?

One of the easiest way to find out about who have viewed your Facebook profile in 3 simple steps:

1 – After logging to your Facebook account, go to the profile page, once you are on your Profile page, type “Cntrl + U” and then type “Cntrl + F”.

2 – After typing “Cntrl +F”, a search dialogue box appears on the top, where you just have to type – “list”. Then in the below content you can see results mentioned like – (list 123456 -2). This number means the profile id’s of user’s.

3 – The next thing is just copy the numerical value i.e., 123456 neglecting the last digit which is (-2). Now go back to your profile page & paste the copied numerical value in the url like – www.facebook/123456, which will show you the person’ profile who would have visited to your profile.

Try this out

Q3. How do I permanently delete my FB account?

If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, the first thing that you have to do is save all your data that you have shared on Facebook, because once you permanently delete your account you won’t be able to get back your data. To download and save your shared posts follow these steps:

On the top right side of the Facebook page, click on the downward arrow symbol

Now go to the setting option where at the bottom of the menu you have to click an option called “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.

After that you have type, “http://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account”, and click on an option called “Delete my account” which will lead you to follow some instructions before confirmation. Facebook takes at least 90 days to delete all your posts that you have shared.

Delete facebook accounts

Q4. How to find out who has blocked you on FB?

It is really a saddest thing when someone blocks you on Facebook but it becomes more of an anxious factor that when and why did this thing happen? So prior knowing how it happened it is important to know when did it happen? To really know if somebody has blocked you on Facebook, you have to drill down some questions before getting confirmed.

Basically these are the different factors when you come to conclude that really someone has blocked you on Facebook:

1 – Test if Blocked:

If you have not received any news or message from the concerned person for a very long duration then probably it’s not 100% true to say that the person has blocked you. It’s like either the user might have or might not have blocked you. So it’s time for you to dig down the truth by working on some more tests.

2 – Facebook Search:

Another way of finding whether somebody has blocked you on Facebook is by logging into your Facebook account and then search the name of the concerned user, if the name appears then the user may not have blocked you but in case if you are not able to view the user then there are 2 chances:

  • Either the user has blocked you
  • Or maybe the user would have done some setting changes in Facebook so that nobody could view the user.

3 – Google Search:

As there is an IT proverb saying “What god can’t solve, Google can”, so in this case you can go the Google and search for the name of the user with quotation marks which means “xyz” or “abc” and if the result shows up that means a good news for you and if not, don’t take it negatively as it could be due to the factor of FB setting created by the user.

4 – Asking a Mutual Friend:

This one perhaps the simplest way to find out whether you have blocked by somebody or not. In this case you have to ask one of your mutual friend to view the user’s profile who might have blocked you through his own account. If your friend is available to view the user profile than that means the user has blocked you.

5 – Facebook Chat:

Earlier if you have any conversation with the user who have blocked you, then go the Facebook chat option and expand your chat conversation. Usually when you open the fb chat feature it shows the default fb image in blue background with the name as in white colour but if the user has blocked you the name of the user will appear in bold black colour and also you will not be able to get the click option on the image.

Q5. How to boost post on FB page for free?

Here are 15 free ways to boost post on FB:

1 – Competitor Analysis:

This is indeed the first task to perform because without analyzing your competitors you won’t figure out the flaws or the opportunities that you lack. It’s similar to a bench mark level which will help you to measure between where you stand as compared to your competitors.

2 – Content:

Content is undoubtedly the factor that can make all the difference in the game. A useful or helpful content is what the users always look out for. So this is the area that you should focus on more by providing the right content for your audience.

3 – Audience Target:

Analyzing this option will help you to know more about your customer. For example, which age group of people are engaging with my posts, from which location or country am I getting more traffic and also the interest’s behavior of my required customers.

4 – Cross-Posting:

Cross posting is an essential element for boosting your post and also to acquire new audience for your business. Apart from this cross posting also helps in saving time for your social media strategy as it is a hectic process to post your articles in different social media platforms at different timings. You can connect your Twitter or Instagram profiles to your FB account also.

5 – Timing:

Timing is another essential factor which you should not forget. It is really important to understand the user presence time on social media channels so that you can target them accordingly with your postings. To know more about the user available timings, you can take the help of Facebook Insights.

6 – Post on weekends:

Posting on weekends is another way to boost your posts on fb. Lot of social media professional’s advice not to neglect on this topic as weekend often remains holidays worldwide and lot of people also remain active on social media during the weekend. So it makes a suitable chance to target your users.

7 – Going Facebook Live:

Well this is the current happening thing on Facebook as of today. Started in early 2017 this feature is one of the most loved features by people. FB Live can help you to explain or give a demo anything about your business directly to your audience or customers thus making it a real time engagement.

8 – Sharing on Blog:

Blog is perhaps the oldest known technique in the web world where the user write and share their piece of content for helping or educating people. Now if you ask me how blogs help to boost a post, then let me say you that today blogs have features or options that lets the users to share their content via different social media platforms. So don’t neglect blogging as it is one of the primary weapon to boost your post for free.

9 – Creating Events:

Events is yet another option to promote your post freely on Facebook. By creating an event some people directly try to promote their business or products. So you too can use this option to promote your business which can result in promoting or advertising your posts organically.

10 – Webinars:

Webinars can also help you to boost your post for free as it a live theme concept like Facebook Live where you directly get engaged with your audience thus making it easier for you to either showcase, explain or promote your posts without any money.

11 – Tell fans to get notifications:

There are some scenarios in Facebook where the user who likes your page usually do not receive your posted article on their newsfeed. So in this case you have to ask your fans to go and select the option called “Get Notifications”.

12 – Focus on Videos:

Videos is the next level happening thing on Facebook. According a recent survey it is assumed that most people who are active on fb like to watch videos more as compared to other related articles or posts. And this is mainly due to increase of smart phone users. So next time you think of promoting your post try out for a video related theme to promote your content posting.

13 – Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups is another way to promote your posts for free. All you have to do is to find and search different groups associated for your business. Basically here are two types of groups, one is “Closed Groups” and the other is “Open Groups”.

14 – Hashtag:

You can also use certain hashtags to make your posts more discoverable to people in case people search for it. One of the best way to implement or make use of the hashtag is to mention at the bottom of the posts.

15 – Ask your Fans To Share:

Finally one of the simplest way to promote or boost your post for free is by requesting your fans to share on their behalf. Also you have to very cautious about what your fans like the most, whether it may be GIF’s, videos, questions or quotations.

Q6. How to delete fake FB account without password?

Until unless you know the password for an account it is bit difficult to delete an account but in case if somebody creates a fake fb account for harassing or embarrassing purpose then here is how you can stop it.

First you have to log into your personal fb, then open the fake account that you want to delete or deactivate. Now you have to go to the setting option available on the top right hand side and click it. Once you click it, a drop down option will be shown to you with few options. Here you can select the option called “Report/Block” and continue. After you submit the “Report/Block” option the page will show you another set of options where you have to choose the option saying “This is a fake account” & “This timeline was created to bully or harass me” and click the continue button. Now the next step of the process will show you again a set of options where you have to select “Block X” where “X” is the name of the fake Facebook account holder and click the continue button. The last and final thing that you have to do is to request at least 25-30 friends from your friend list or the user friend list to do the same procedure that you would have done. In this way you can delete fb account without password.


Q7. How to search for friends on FB mobile?

To search for a friend on fb mobile it is very simple. Once you have logged into your fb account, click on the search bar option at the top of the page which is represented a magnifying glass image.

           search friends on facebook accounts

You just have to type the name, email Id or mobile contact number of the friend on the search box and if your friend is a Facebook user then his/her account name will be visible to you. Once you are confirmed that your friend is a member on Facebook then you can directly send a friendship request.

Q8. How to unblock Facebook account that is temporarily blocked?

“For security reason your account is temporarily locked” will be the message displayed if your Facebook account gets locked. But don’t get panicked because Facebook offers a of lot option on how to unblock Facebook account that is temporarily blocked.

  • The first option is, don’t try to open your FB account for 96 hours and also clear the cache and your history file from settings. Following this process may help you to get back your unblocked account.
  • If the problem is still not solved, then you have to opt for the “Automated Security Verification Process”. Basically this occurs when FB gets suspicious about your activity process.
  • In this method, you have get verified by confirming giving your mobile number, after which Facebook will send a secret pin code to your number.
  • After receiving the code, you have to enter the code and verify your account. This will help you to unlock your Facebook account.
  • Your next option to unblock fb account that is temporarily deleted is by “Account Authenticity”.
  • This is a very simple process where Facebook will send you an option of selecting the photos of your friends where you have to select at least 5 photos of your tagged friends.
  • Once you have selected and identified 5 photos of your friend, your account will be verified by Face Book with a message “Account Verified Congratulation”.
  • Next you have to click the “Continue” button which will take the user to another page asking for submitting their current email id and also to enter a new security related question.
  • Finally you can get started with your Facebook account again after logging in.
  • Also in some cases the user have to submit their authorized id proofs in order to unblock their accounts although preventive measures are being taken by Facebook regarding the misuse of the id proofs.

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