Alexa Ranking Check

Alexa Internet Inc, a California based company which provides web traffic analytics along with global rankings of websites worldwide. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon group. The Alexa toolbar collects data on browsing behavior which is then transferred to the Alexa website, where they are stored & analyzed.

Using the Alexa Pro service, website owners can access more accurate website data & analyze their website’s performance or ranking on SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). As of 2015 data, 6.5 million people visit Alexa website monthly.

Alexa Ranking Factors

According to Alexa website, the rank is calculated based on a combination of unique visitors to the website & number of page views on the site over the past 3 months. The website with the highest combination of the above two-factor ranks better. Owners using Alexa Pro services can get better results and analysis.

How Alexa Rank is Measured

Alexa website has confirmed that any website with a rank of more than 1,00,000 is a rough estimate & the closer the site gets to #1 rank more the chances for the site owner to access better analytics & exact rankings.

Improve your Alexa Rank

What is Alexa Rank in SEO?

Ranking has always been a relative factor that shows your performance in comparison to others clearly not considering the KPI for important to your area of interest.

Similarly, Alexa Rank is a relative factor of website rankings worldwide based on the traffic & unique page visitors to your website & also acknowledged by Alexa website that websites having rank more than 100,000 can assume it to be a tentative ranking & not exact.


Ranking Factors of Alexa


According to MOZ & other top websites, Alexa ranking is not that important factor to consider while evaluating your website’s SEO performance. To summarize the below points can justify, why Alexa rank is not that important:-

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  • The ranking is based on data traffic data collected from toolbars & some packet data from ISPs & they use a very tiny sampling from the overall worldwide web traffic to analyze the performance.
  • Alexa Rank is not a factor for your Search engine ranking rather just a crude measure of traffic to your website.
  • Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics provide better analytics & data of your website performance than what Alexa rank actually shows.
  • One of the most important factors, why Alexa rank is not that important is Alexa Inc aren’t able to gather data from every browser worldwide web making the rank not that important to access your SEO performance.
  • The Best Digital Marketing Companies & Institutes always highlight the fact that more than worrying about Alexa rank, it’s important to stick to the basics of SEO & ensure quality content is always shown to its audience.


does alexa rank matter for seo

From the above points, we can clearly say that Alexa rank has no significant impact on SEO performance. However, if any website owner is very much addicted to these metrics, then he/she should follow the Best SEO Practices every Digital Marketing company follows to ensure the client’s website has a better organic rank in the SERPs.

Does Alexa Rank Matter?

To answer this in simple terms, most people use Alexa rank to access their websites in comparison to their closed competitors. However, this comparison can be vague in case the comparison is not fair on all KPI.

Example:  Let’s say A & B are two websites in the same business but with different resources, different market share & different website experience for their users. Most importantly, let’s assume A is superior to B in every KPI & also has great financial power.

Just because B is in the same business, comparing Alexa rank for both the website will be unfair to access the performance of B. In terms of revenue generation, B might be performing better & meeting the goal of its promoters.

Another reason for the great buzz around the Alexa is because many venture capitalists ask for Alexa rank before making any investment in a website or any online based company. VCs use this rank as a KPI to get an overall idea of the website’s performance & if their investment will give them ROI in the future. At the end of the day, money does matter for people.

people look for the Alexa rank before venturing the capital into a business

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Tips to Boost Your Alexa Rank

1- 100000 Alexa Rank range is good

The picture clearly shows that it’s easy to reach 100,000 ranks in Alexa but very difficult climb up the slope with high gradient, if a website owner wants a rank between 1-1000000.

For those owners who are obsessed with the Alexa rank, here are some tips which every website owner must follow to ensure a better Alexa rank:-

  • Publish relevant & quality content. This will ensure your website gets good traffic from organic results and the users are happy with the website experience.
  • Ensure the content is being written around the keywords which are relevant to you to help relevant users find you.
  • Update your content regularly to ensure it meets the standards set by Google Algorithm updates which will also help you in ranking your keywords in SERPs.
  • Use your Metadata wisely. Just like in PPC, having a relevant & attractive adcopy is essential similarly in SEO metadata is also important.
  • Give links to your content. This helps as the user engagement within your site increases.
  • Use Alt text while uploading any media in your content.
  • In case your competitor has a better Alexa rank means more traffic than analyze his keywords by doing a competitor analysis & taking keywords ideas from Google Keyword Planner tool.
  • Do off page optimization in high domain authority sites to get quality backlinks.
  • Do your SEO audit periodically.

Great content for better ranking

From the above points, it can be said that following the best SEO practices will surely help you get a good Alexa rank as the best SEO practices always help get more traffic, but Alexa rank has no significant effect on SEO performance of a website.

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