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SEO is booming day by day as more & more companies are emerging and trying to sell online. The biggest advantage of having SEO ads is that it is completely free. As a Digital Marketing Training Institute, we know the industry and demand for SEO Analysts in the market are comparatively huge. Trust me guys, We are able to place 100% of our students right after the course completion as well.

Now, let me take you to the core discussion here. In order to learn SEO and master the SEO techniques, you need to have good knowledge with using SEO tools that are available online. There are a lot of paid and free SEO tools in the market. For starting a career in SEO and to grab an SEO Jobs in Bangalore or any part of the world, You Must need to know these Free SEO Analysis tools that we going to discuss in this blog.

Do you need an effective SEO Analysis tools list which is 100% free to promote and analyze your website?

Before to that, a small introduction to SEO; SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization, which is a step-by-step process to increase the number of organic traffic to a website by gaining a higher ranking in the organic/natural results of a search engine including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. SEO helps to ensure that a website is accessible in the search engine and increases the opportunities for bringing traffic, free of cost. This is a guide for Free Search engine optimization tools which help you to analyze your website’s performance, Keywords, keyword positions,  and more; Click to know More about SEO Training Course

20 Must Free SEO Tools to Learn SEO in 2018

1.     Google Analytics for SEO

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Google Analytics is one of the best Free SEO Analysis tools by Google which helps in tracking and reporting the website traffic. Google Launched Google Analytics in November 2005. This is a powerful, integrated measurement and marketing analytics tools for businesses of all sizes. Through Google Analytics getting the insights is easier, you can track every bit of your traffic you could imagine on your site so this tool help in figure out the many keywords insights as to which terms people use to search your website. You have to do only one thing just paste a code on the source page of the website in the head section without modifying any files. You can access this site from

Alternative: Matomo

2.     Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools for SEO Google webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tools primary mechanism for Google or Bing to communicate with webmasters and helps alert you to issues with your website. These free tools help in tracking the website’s search performance. Through this free SEO tool, you can constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports. You can access this site from and

3.     Google PageSpeed Insights

best seo tools in 2017

This is another free SEO tool that will help in testing the loading time and performance for desktop and for mobile and also help in figure out the opportunities to improve the loading time. Google PageSpeed Insights tool gives mobile results with the user experience score etc. You can access this site from

And some other Alternatives tools arePingdom, WebPageTest, and GTmetrix

4.     Moz Local Listing Score

See how your local business looks online with the help of this free SEO tool Moz Local Listing Score will help you to know how your business looks online. This tool showdown data from more than 15 different sources—including Google, Foursquare, and Facebook. And ensures that your business listings are proper, consistent, and visible across the web. You can access this free SEO Analysis tools online from


google free seo tools is the best tool after Google Keyword Planner tool which gives 750 relevant keywords from Google suggest in seconds. This tool is very powerful in searching keywords for SEO and Google Adwords after Google Keyword Planner Tool. You can access this site from

Alternative: Übersuggest, Youtube, Bing

6.     Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a comprehensive link analysis free SEO tool that helps in identifying the link building opportunities. The free version of this tool gives you a quick look of a full range of link analysis.

You can access this site from

7. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword searchGoogle Keyword Planner tool is a free tool for Google and a very important amongst the SEO Analysis tools list to search the right keywords to target for Search ads, Display ads, video ads, and app ads. This tool will give you all helpful stats related to keyword through which we can plan a keyword strategy. Like monthly search volume, competition and also gives keywords which you might not have thought.

You can access this site from

8.     Google Trends

Google trends tool to find realtime Google trends

Google Trends shows how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

This free Google SEO tool can access this site from –

9.     Schema Creator

Structured data is HTML attributes to make sense of content in your Website for search engine machines in order to provide better results. Google and other search engines created a structured data standard called Just you have to custom code so that your review, organization, events, location and people are displayed the way you want to display them on search engines. Once you have created your schema code, copy that code and paste it to your website or you can use the free WordPress Plugin for easier implementation.

You can access this site from AlternativeJSON-LD Schema Generator

10.  Structured Data Testing Tool

Webmaster search console SEO tool Structured Data Testing Tool is a simple SEO tool provided by Google for code validation and testing the structured data on the website. Through this tool, Google uses live data to validate the structured data for any web page. The tool provides a variety of ways to test, modify and develop the code and implement it. Just you have to copy/paste the code to test it.

 You can access this site from

11. XML Sitemaps

SEO tool to generate XML sitemap XML Sitemaps is one of the free SEO Analysis tools online which help in building sitemap; simply you have to enter the web site’s URL and some parameters than this tool will create Sitemaps which you have to upload on website or Google webmaster tool.

You can access this site from

12. Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt files are basically let the web robot know what to do with that particular website page, whether to crawl, index or skip. If that page is disallowed by webmaster in robots.txt than this is an instruction to skip that page, It means that the web crawlers will not index that particular page in the data. Robots.txt Generator is an important one from the SEO tool list that generates robots.txt files that help in ensuring that Google and other search engines are crawling and indexing the site properly.

You can access this site from

13. Copyscape

SEO tools for content

Copyscape is a free plagiarism tool to check duplicate content. This software helps you to detect duplicate content and check whether your article is unique or not. This free online SEO tool is a quick check on the authenticity of the blog.

You can access this site from

14. SEMRush:

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It’s an SEO tool used by most bloggers to find the most profitable keywords. It also helps in the optimization of sites, creating customer-centric content, backlinking opportunities, SEO audit for your blog. SEMrush is also a popular SEO tool across various SEO training. In short, SEMrush helps bloggers create a better website experience for their audience.

You can access this site from

15. SimilarWeb:

It’s an analytics tool, where the data is fed into SimilarWeb’s data processing servers, where billions of daily data points are turned into insightful information. The similarweb can be used to track the performance of keywords for any particular website.

You can access this free online tool site from

16. SERPs Rank Checker:

It’s a keyword rank checker tool that shows up the top 250 search results along with their search volume, rank for any keyword or phrase. It also allows users to make changes to their results based on domain, location & device.

You can access this free online tool site                        from

17. SEO Site Checkup:

It conducts a complete diagnosis of your website and gives results similar to the diagnosis report in medical science. The report here includes the percentage of factors passed checks, failed checks & warnings. Also, it gives a detailed description of the failed checks & warnings for a user to understand and act on it.

You can access this site from

18. Search metrics Website Analyzer:

It helps to analyze the rankings of domain’s URLs in search engine result pages, Identify the links of the domain, monitor social media activity & helps track SEO/PPC visibility of a website.

You can access this site from

19. Moz toolbar:

digital marketing courses in bangalore Moz bar is a free browser extension that provides on-page access to Moz’s link metrics and on-site analytics, like Domain authority, page authority & spam score.

You can access this site from

20. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit:

Helps in detailed analysis and search engine friendly suggestions, which helps improves the relevancy of your website in search results. It helps to increase website traffic & revenue, influence & update search engines & improve customer experience.

You can access this site from

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