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10 Successful SEO Link Building Strategies to Boost Traffic

10 Successful SEO Link Building Strategies to Boost Traffic
10 Successful SEO Link Building Strategies to Boost Traffic

Link Building Techniques to Drive Quality Traffic

Link Building is the most important step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Link Building strategies for quality links is must for high search engine traffic.

What is Link Building and how link building strategies help to drive quality traffic to SEO?

Link building is the process of earning hyperlinks from other websites to your own. As high authority sites link to your website, you rank better in the search results. Poor link building practices lead to algorithmic penalties.

The Benefit of Link Building Techniques in SEO:

Quality Backlinks = Relevancy + Trust + Authoritative Website

Link from authoritative pages to your site gains more authority to your site. The more you invest your time in link building techniques to obtain high-quality backlinks, the chances are more for your site pages to rank better in organic search results.

advance link building strategies 2018

Link building

10 Advance link building strategies in Search Engine Optimization:

1.Content Marketing

Creating valuable content to the right people via the right channel is the important content marketing strategy that you should follow to get high-quality backlinks. So what are backlinks? Anytime a link from another website is linked to your site, they have actually created a “backlink” to your site. Backlinks are simply the “incoming” or “inbound” link to your site.

Usage of visual assets such as images, infographics, and charts to get link whenever someone shares it to their site is the thoughtful method used to gain links. Posts on tips, techniques, and myths generate more backlinks than the visual assets which are proven by BuzzSumo analysis. Content that provides new data, statistics and reference guides also receive most of the backlinks. On having a niche content, you should know how to do content distribution.

2. Influencer Marketing

The potential of influencers is essential for link building success. When influencers share your niche content, you get the better probability of attention. When influencers like your content you obtain more site authority. Building relationship with influencers will be much advantageous for your business. The constant relationship with influencers makes them share and link your content often.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the budding backlinks SEO  marketing strategy. It’s a marvelous tactic to use. You can make use of online providers like MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact etc., for email marketing. To start with email marketing, initially build an email list. Your email list can be segmented into targeted groups. Instead of sending mail to everyone, know who will be interested in your content. With a proper call to action, regular follow-up, constant updates and timeline for mail, you will be successful in email marketing. Through email marketing strategy you can build your relationship and acquire the inbound link.

4.Competitors Research

Competitors research with backlink checker tool like Ahref helps you to export the backlinks data. On understanding the competitors backlink data, you can work on your backlinks SEO strategy.

5.Guest Posting

Another way to spread content is to write guest posts for high authority blogs. By doing guest posts you get free publicity in front of the new audience and also get one or two backlinks to your site. When you post on a well known high authority blog the chances are more for getting high-quality backlinks and more direct traffic. You can filter high authority blogs with the help of different ranking services like Page Rank, MozRank, ComScore etc.,

6.Social Advertising

Social Advertising through Facebook Ads, Promoted Pins, Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads is the outstanding way to get right audience for your content. Social media boosts relationships by improving your site’s rankings. It also acts as a channel to create trust and greater visibility for your brand.

7. Directories Submission

Directories Submission is a link building technique used to improve your site’s SERP ranking. It’s a process in which you submit your website to directory sites, which in turn segment your link to the relevant category. To build effective high-quality backlinks you need to identify high-quality relevant directories for submission to avoid algorithmic penalties.

8. Video, Image & Article Submission

Video advertising influences more audience these days. To build brand awareness and to obtain quality backlinks video submission sites makes wonder. Video Submission sites act as link building sites which generate leads for your site. Make sure you submit your video on trustable high PR video submission sites. A short video of your product or services that gets your audience attention earns high-quality backlinks to your site.

You can upload the image or the article with the niche content of your business the same way to image submission sites and article submission sites. For image submissions, optimize your images for the easy crawl by search engines. Avoid using copyrighted images. Use ALT text to describe your image.

When it comes to an article, make sure your article is information rich with ranking keywords. Article with unique heading and presentable format attracts the potential customers. The ultimate goal of the submission sites usage is to attract visitors and to get links without incurring a great cost. Always choose the submission sites by checking its authority and credibility. Usage of submission sites for building links is one among the best backlinks SEO strategy.

9. Document Sharing

Document sharing is a link building technique which is used to generate traffic and backlink on site. Document sharing sites allow you to share various reports in different formats like pdf, excel, powerpoint, word. If a visitor like or share your document then he may visit your site and this will bring backlinks to your site.

10. Social Bookmarking

There are plenty of social bookmarking sites available which helps in your link building strategy. Its advantageous bookmarking a variety of your pages to build links back to your site. Reddit, Diigo, Folkd are some of the popular social bookmarking sites. While social bookmarking, write a descriptive title to your link and categorize your link properly. More importantly, choose high authority bookmarking sites to get high-quality backlinks.


Try the above-advanced SEO link building techniques that would boost your websites ranking on Google SERP. Please let us know which SEO techniques would you like to use in 2018. Learn advanced SEO techniques & stratrgies and boost your ranking on SERP to generate more traffic.

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