Google Ads Vs Google Adwords Express

Are you planning to start your first PPC Google Ads Campaign?
But you are confused about which platform to choose. I am here to help you with this!

Almost every business needs advertising for the success of their business. In order to reach customers these days, we use online advertising to promote and grow our business. But, so many businesses don’t know,

  • Where to start?
  • Where do I run ads?
  • How much money should I spend?

The questions are limitless.

If you have been to the Pay Per Click (PPC) industry, then you must be knowing about Google Adwords Express to Google Adwords.

  • If not, then I will give you a brief discussion about:-
       What is Google Adwords?
       What is Google Adwords Express?
       What is the Difference Between Google Ads and AdWords Express?

Adwords Express vs Google Ads

What are Google Ads?

Google Adwords is an online advertising service developed by Google to help marketers reach their customers immediately. Advertisers bid on the keywords to Rank on Google.

Google Adwords is free to sign up for and available to all the advertisers all over the world. You need to have knowledge of the importance of Google Ads for the success of your PPC Campaign.

Latest AdWords Updates; the New Google Ads Interface Look

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For example – when someone searches for a particular term in Google, say “buy shoes online”, Google will throw a list of search results for you. And if you look closely, you will find that the top and the bottom results are generally defined as PPC Ads.


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What is Google Adwords Express?

Google Adwords Express is much easier and simpler version of Google Adwords. It is an advertising service which automatically manages your online ads. Adwords Express requires minimal management.
Have a look at Google Adwords Express


We will now discuss the “Difference Between Google Ads & AdWords Express?

1. Campaign Management

Adwords – The 1st and the major difference between the two different Adwords versions is the way in which the campaigns are managed. Google Adwords allows you to make changes, optimize your amount per click and change keywords. If you want more control over your campaign, Google Adwords is the best.
Adwords Express – On the other hand, Adwords Express is managed automatically. This means your campaigns will be managed by Google robots and your money will be exhausted quickly

2. Ads Format

Adwords – Google Adwords allows you to use different Ad Format like text ads, video ads, ads with an image, expanded text ads and create a variety of creative PPC Ads. Also, if you want to test your ads is to make use of A/B Testing in PPC Google Adwords. We can run Remarketing or Retargeting Ads as well in Adwords

If you don’t know how to write Text Ads in PPC Google Adwords, then check this out BEST WAYS TO WRITE SEO, PPC & FACEBOOK ADS”

Adwords Express – on the other hand, is limited to just Text Ads. Adwords Express also doesn’t allow you to use advanced text ads. Even you don’t need any website to run your ads on Google if you use Google Adwords Express. No option to show your ads using remarketing or retargeting.

3. Time & Resources

Adwords – PPC Google Adwords is a time taking process. We need to look into the PPC Campaigns to manage the account properly so that we achieve our target without spending more. Adwords allows you to run your ads in Google with the help of Google Search Networks, Display Network for showing your ads on youtube, depending on how you build your campaigns. To manage your account you can download Google Adwords Application on your mobile phones.

Adwords Express – While Google Adwords Express is not time taking. As it automatically manages your Pay Per Click (PPC) account quickly. Adwords Express is meant for small or medium sized businesses, who have less time to look after the PPC Campaign.

4. Keywords

Adwords – Keyword plays an important role in increasing traffic to your website. The keywords which you choose and include in your content will help you drive traffic. So, in Google Adwords, you need to have proper knowledge of “How to do Keyword Research” and select all the relevant keywords related to your business. There is a tool that will help you in selecting keywords, which is the “Google Keyword Planner Tool”. Increase your Quality Score by making your Keywords, Ad Copy, and Landing Page more relevant to each other.

Are you wondering, What is Quality Score?

Here a bonus information for you, Know “The Importance of Quality Score in PPC Google Adwords Campaign”


Adwords Express – On the other hand, in Adwords Express you don’t pick keywords, instead, you just choose categories related to your business, and Google selects keywords for your PPC Campaign and handles your account.

5. Bidding Strategies

Adwords – Bidding is very important while running ads in Google Adwords. You can set bids for your keywords and bid according to the device (mobile, desktop, tablets).
Adwords Express – On the other hand in Adwords Express you are not able to control or adjust bidding as it is managed automatically.

6. Targeting Options

Adwords – You can find more targeting options in Google Adwords such as location, device, audience. There is a  new targeting option in New Google Ads
Adwords Express – This feature is not available in Google Adwords Express.

7. Conversion Tracking

Adwords – Tracking and Measuring your performance in Google Adwords is important for a successful campaign. You can track your conversions in PPC Google Ads.
Adwords Express – There is no conversion tracking option available in Adwords Express.



As you can see both Adwords and Adwords Express are very similar but the main difference is the management feature. As an advertiser, you only pay for the clicks and target a large audience. Both platforms have their own importance, advantage, and disadvantages. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Google ads vs Google Adwords Express

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