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Google AdWords Auction Insights

Google AdWords Auction Insights
Google AdWords Auction Insights

Google AdWords Auction Insights

It’s good to know, what the competition is doing? While you control the bids, it’s your competitors who decide what you pay per click and where you get positioned on Search Engine?

There are several tools that give you PPC data. It’s not a 100% accurate but should give you a good base on understanding the PPC competitor base.

The easiest way is to type the “KEYWORD” on Google (or) AdWords AdPreview tool and find out all the ads and check the company page of these ads; this is free and easy to use the tool.

If you want to check industry-wise and top AdWords spends by companies you have chosen for the paid tools like
• Spyfu Keyword Research
• KeywordSpy

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However, we do have lot of tools but how to know who are participating in the same auctions that you are in the auction? Then comes Google AdWords Auction Insights, you can have a look at the auction insights report where you compare your performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that you are.


Google Adwords (PPC) Auction Auction Insights report


Auction Insights Contains the following columns 

You can see your PPC competitors that are bidding on the same or similar keywords of your account; as far as I know, you can’t see the keywords that they are bidding for but you can see, how you rank compared to them? It’s a great report to use for bench-marking.

  1. 1 Impression Share

Impression Share is the no. of impressions you actually received compared to expected

Ex – Let’s say if you received 5000 impressions and expected were 10,000, the impression share is 50%

If you have a high impression share then it indicates that your keyword set is quite strong.

Steps to improve your Impression Share: Make sure to have an adequate budget so you don’t miss out on opportunities. Improve your quality score

  1. 2 Average Position:

Average position explains to you where your ad ranks compared to other ads.

Why it matters: This metric shows your ad’s position relative to those of other advertisers. For more information on how your ads rank compared with other advertisers

This number can differ from the average position in the campaign report because the auction insights never use 100% of impressions.

  1. 3 Overlap Rate:

This explains you the competition between you and your competitors for those keywords you are targeting

Ex – Let’s say your ad shown 100 times for the keywords and your competitor showed 50 times for the same keywords then your overlap rate becomes 50%

  1. 4  Position Above Rate:

This Explains to you how many percentages of times in the same auction your competitor positioned higher than your ad position

Ex – Let’s say you got 100 times in the fourth position and your competitor showed 50 times in third or in better position than yours for that now your position above rate shows 50%

  1. 5 Top of the Page Rate:

This Explains the same what position above rate does but, with small change,

Here, you get to know how many percentages of times  you or your competitor shown above the organic results,

  1. 6 Outranking Share:

How many percentages of times your ads are shown top out of your competitors or the other way how many percentages of times you have shown when your competitors failed to show the ads in the same auction.


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